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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Day 1

Today we rambled around town. We took a trip to the Georgia Aviation Museum. I say we, meaning my beau and I, my son having begged off after dragging around with us earlier in the day. Even though I've lived here better than 10 years I'd never been to this museum; it was a treat. Les enjoyed himself very much. Sadly the batteries died in the camera before we were able to complete the tour. Of course that wasn't too much of a loss since they closed within minutes of the batteries going out.

Earlier in the day we drove around checking out some of the older homes in Macon. We toured the Hay House. Something I'd, again never done even though it is just 20 minutes from my house. All I can say is Wow! Very very impressive.

*Note the pic is not the Hay House. Just one he snapped.

Quite possibly the highlight of Les' entire trip was the chance to gloat to his family. Les has had (insert suspenseful music here) Hot Fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. This is something his family has heard of but never had the chance, nay the honor, No. No! the privilege of trying. He was thrilled to see the lady pull them right off the conveyor belt, immediately after they'd gone thru the liquid glaze "water-fall". He's declared he will cut the logo out of the box to take home as proof.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

He's Here

Yay... Oh and Merry belated Christmas everyone.

I went to Florida to spend Christmas with my father and step monster. All in all a decent trip.

My beau and I got back from the Atlanta airport this morning around 10 am. His trip was .. uh.. exciting. He was pulled for additional security clearance 3 times. ;) But he is here. I'm sure there will be much more to say at a later date. At the moment he is watching my son play video games, offering input, asking questions.. It's a guy bonding thing I think.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Of mice and (wo)men

I have a mouse living in the vicinity of my microwave. The cat is pissed because she can't catch it. So am I.

I put down 2 mouse traps and have failed to catch the little bugger. Twice, on each trap, it has snatched the bait and lived to mock me. Next.. glue traps.

I'm in the final crunch before my beau comes down for his visit and I have a mild to moderate case of lazy-ass. Sure I've done the usual laundry, dishes, and toilet cleaning. Other than that.. Well I've swept the room with a glance.. Does that count?

If he shows up with white gloves he won't be gett'n any. The idea is to see the "real" me anyway right? Even if that does include at least one sticky/grubby patch here and there.

I've come to the conclusion that my son wakes up every night after I've gone to sleep and goes around rubbing, touching, and funk-ifying every single thing we own. Having an 8 year old boy is damn near guaranteeing you will have at least one muddy/sticky/grubby spot on every wall, floor, ceiling, tile, switchplate, or any other vertical, horizontal or oblique surface in the house. Usually all at once.

How the HELL does he do it?!? Welcome to "lived-in".

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A new problem

** in an effort to halt what could have been an international crisis ;) let me say first that this has been resolved and the trip is still on. My beau wanted me to point that out before the lynch mob formed. Hi Shan.. Hi moon.. ***

My beau called just moments ago. The news is not good. His family has given him an ultimatum.

If he chooses to come visit me he will not have a place to live or any financial help from them. Lovely, huh? He just got out of college and has not yet gotten a job, so he likely will need his family's continued goodwill.

I've told him that I will not blame him if he chooses not to come. And I won't. It's a terrible thing to have to choose between someone you love and your family and I won't ask that of him. Especially not right now, when he needs the support and place to stay while he gets settled.

He explained to them that I am financing this trip, not a looney of the money being spent is theirs. It doesn't matter to them. They say he needs to focus on getting work, now. Because of course between now and January 8th every job in Canada will be suddenly taken, granted they didn't say that to him, but yea fucken right. Like 10 days with me will change the rotation of the planet, melt polar ice caps and single handedly initiate the end of the world.

I hate that he's in this spot. He's worried I'll think less of him if he chooses not come. And that's just not true. I will be bitterly disappointed, but not because of him. No.. That blame lies entirely on the people that "love" him and are willing to force him to make a choice. I would not, and will not ask that of him.

I love him. In spite of his family.

Edit: From my beau's daughter "His family has given him an ultimatum. ......that should be His family (excluiding his wonderful daughter) has given him an ultimatum" She likes me ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Woo Hoo

His plane ticket has been booked. I, truly am, the clearance queen. Less than $400, round trip, Vancouver to Atlanta.

I can't wait.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Too much stuff

You know your kid has too much stuff when you can take two leaf and lawn bags of toys to the dumpster without a word of complaint.

I hate McDonald toys. Really.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's official

my son will never make a million playing basketball. Today was his first game; we lost.

You know, I sat there with my head in my hands for much of the game thinking, "Well, at least no one has screamed Run Forrest Run!"

My son ambled up and down the court, never breaking into a run, and with a fixed puzzled expression. One that seemed to resemble a cow chewing cud that suddenly finds they are standing tit deep in a bog.. It was a classic "what the hell is going on" look.

At one point a rebound knocked him on the top of his head as he was gazing off into the distance. Then he looked around above him as if to say "I didn't know there was a bird that dropped basketball sized craps!"

Oh the apathy of it all ;)

After the game I did advise the coach that this was the first game he'd SEEN much less played in. Coach laughed and said there's always at least one kid a year that it takes a few games before they really get the idea. (Not to mention they only had one supervised practice session before today)

He has another game on Wednesday night. We discussed a few easy to understand rules of basketball on the way home. 1. Keep your eyes on the ball. 2. Protect your hoop and 3. Run Forrest RUN!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Two weeks

If all goes well, in two weeks almost to the minute I'll be getting home from the Atlanta airport with my beau.

Please pray and/or send: good thoughts, feung shi, chakra, rune majic, meditate, entrieties to the Goddess, (I think you catch my drift) that every thing works out.

It's been far, far too long since I've seen him.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Playful Breasts

I was wandering around the internet and found Bodyperks (tm) nipple enhancements. (Recommended slogan: For when you want to feel even MORE like an object!)

The product description said: "bodyperks comfortably stay in place and give you the added attraction of playful, fun breasts."

Whew! Boy am I glad I'm not the only person with playful breasts. I can't TELL you how many times I've finally broken down and had to say "OK ladies! I told you only ONE more game of parchesi. We've got to go to work in the morning!"

I mean really, how many times can you hear the same jokes, watch the miniature badminton games, and try for a (bellybutton) hole-in-one miniature golf before you tire of it...

My breasts:

Do impressions... "No! I don't want to see your impression of a wall-eyed albino."

Play Charades: "Swing low sweet chariot" and the Double Mint Double your Fun theme songs being two of their favorites.

Tell jokes: "I already know the punch line.. sigh.. if we hang any lower people are gonna think you're a couple of nuts.. uh huh"

Now you know the truth behind my insidious insomnia. It's not stress, or hormones... It's my playful breasts. They just wont stop!


Edit 10:03 PM On a MUCH more serious note: Anduin has a great post on "Issues of the Heart" and how pain affects us as time goes by. It even brought a tear to my stony (aka over bearing bitch) eye.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Overheard Oddities

I love the little snippets of conversation I sometimes over hear. In the last two days it has been very interesting. Some made me laugh, others left me thinking "I hope they aren't serious!".

I share them with you...

In the lunch room: He's my husband. He's not supposed to have an opinion. He's SUPPOSED to just do what I say!

In the smoking section: It's like he thinks the world is playing "where's Denny". If he sees a light in the high altitude, blinking, he thinks it's the CIA tracking his every move. He really believes that! (laughter from the others in her group) He came home and said "I saw the light all the way from work to here (home). That proves it. They are tracking me. It must be GPS or something". I told him, you idiot! If it's that high up 1/2 of GEORGIA can see that light.(more laughter) I've stopped asking him what he believes.. cuz it pisses me off! 2nd lady: You know what? You should turn the tables. Ask what he's done! What have you done that the CIA is tracking you home? Tell me you bastard! (uproar of laughter)

2 older men, one about 60 the other maybe 55: ... always said sex hasn't been the same since women realized they were "supposed" to enjoy it. 2nd guy: Yeah I know. Now, I'm supposed to care about her enjoyment. (insert the sound of me grinding my teeth!)

2 ladies by the scale at work: I can tell you've lost weight. It doesn't look like your back is trying to eat your shirt anymore. (omfg. I about ruptured myself not laughing as I hurried on)

There were two others, but I left the scrap of paper I jotted them down on at work. Even still, not a bad haul for only 2 days ;)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Scarred for Life

I am about to drive my son to school. In my green fleece nightgown. You know, the one with the appliqué sheep. (It was given to me by my mother, whose taste in clothing is .. well.. hideous)

None the less, I am going to do it. Why? Because I can!

Payback for all those 3 am feedings. I’m allowed. ;)

(edit: Damn now it's piss-pouring-out-a-boot raining here. This dimishes the visibility of his humilation. CRAP lol)

Oh yeah, I fixed the wastedblog popup. Let me know if you guys get it again. Thanks.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Read tubes carefully.

If for example, and this is totally hypothetical you understand, ehem.. If you grab a tube of Artic-Heat (aka ICY HOT) mistaking it for a tube of Anti-Itch cream and proceed to liberally slather it all over your winter-dry and itchy inner knee area as I did some hypothetical person did, you will, uh hypothetically speaking, be doing the River Dance all the way to the shower. While yodeling obscenities. The ad-lib arm flailing only adds to the drama.

Oh and the shower.. bad bad idea. The water only makes it worse.

Thank the gods it wasn’t a yeast infection itch.