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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, November 23, 2007

Great News

Well, I am now officially a resident of Canada. Yay!

We got our Passports back with the Canadian Resident Page added.

The only catch is I have to drive 3 days down to the Canadian border to "check in". We called to verify we had to actually go to the border, and yes even though I am already in Canada you still have to check in at a land border.

The really annoying part of that is we have to do this before December 6th. My temporary visa expires then. So we will be leaving next week to head south.

Still, It's official!

Oh, and to those of you in the States.. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November News

Ok Ok so maybe once a month is a bit sparse on the blog front, but hey it's been hectic.

Well, we spent an anxious week thinking I might be pregnant, but we found out on our Anniversary that I wasn't. So, it was a bit of a subdued dinner and movie at home night.
Emotions were a bit torn about it. We were 90% relieved, however there was some disappointment as well. Neither of us had planned on having more children.

Soo.. what else. Oh yeah, I got to experience a true Northern Canada "thing". While we were all three going out to go sledding (yep we've gotten enough snow ALREADY to take James, our 10 yr old, sledding) I had the snot in my nose freeze. You've never lived till you've cemented your nostrils closed with your own frozen mucus. It was -15 C (or 5 degrees F). Just in case you didn't figure it out yet... That's FRICKEN cold!!!!! Still, fun and merriment was had by all.

In the best news of the month.. I've mailed off my passport. Our immigration officer deemed us eligible to be a Permanent Resident of Canada! Yeah! So, no I'm just waiting on my passport to be returned with the official "Resident of Canada" page added.