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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A busy few months

First, we must apologize for the length of time it's taken for us to update the blog. We've had a busy few months, and little motivation to do any writing, to be frank. Since the originator of this blog is the real writer in the family (I can only brag about a fine vocabulary), I can only give a somewhat bald account of what's gone on this past little while.

Where to start?....Well, during December, my wife and son received their permanent resident cards in the mail, making them all nice and legal to live in Canada. This precipitated abject panic, because they had to...wait for it....cross the border to ''enter'' the country officially. Now, most of the population of this country is within a couple hundred miles of the Canada-US border. Uh-uh, not us......we had to take two days of fatiguing, rip-snorting driving to make it to the nearest border. Yellowknife NT to Osoyoos BC. All this to drive across, do a U-turn, and re-enter the country. After spending a few minutes talking to members of the Canadian Border Services Agency, we were on our way.

Just in case someone wants to point the out, no, Yellowknife is NOT closer to Alaska! The trip is longer, as the only way you can get there is to go DOWN to Dawson Creek BC, then back up the Alaska Highway. The Yukon is a fine place, but it wasn't the trip we wanted to take at that time of year. Besides, this allowed us to visit family in Southern BC, and enjoy an early Christmas. The visit was timely, as it turned out. More on that later.

Renee will be able to colour in the trip in a later blog, I expect. It WAS colourful (No animals died during filming, although it was a near thing).

I was very tempted to put the bald facts in this one blog, but that didn't seem quite right. Hopefully, we will find more time to tell all of you who read this just what adventures we've had, and the good and bad things that have happened. Thanks for your patience.