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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas All

Well everything is ready here for a great Christmas.

James will receive most of what was on his wish list through a combination of planning, luck, and some kind acts from various people.

James will be getting his Wii, and Zelda: Twilight Princess (Thanks, in part, to my mother-in-law who enclosed a hundred dollar bill in our Christmas card)
Chris got him the antfarm
Mom and Rick got him Guitar Hero, a game where you follow along with the notes in songs by pushing buttons on a guitar.
The Good Samaritan kicked in the Goosebumps books
and I got him assorted board and card games, and one game for his DS.

This year I'm pulling Rank on Santa. The Wii will be labeled from my husband and me. Santa gets to claim all the assorted stuff.

Monday, December 18, 2006

True Christmas Heart...

I got this email a few weeks ago. (It included my original post.)

OMG Santa Called Our HOUSE My son and I were talking about what he wanted for Christmas. I mentioned that Santa had called me yesterday to get his list but he hadn't made one out yet. He was STUNNED. "Santa. Called. Our. House?" he asked. Yes, he did. He does every year, was my reply. As we started making a list, Santa called back! Mom/Dad you can highlight the following few lines to read them: Basically I hit the "Ringer volume Select" button on the cordless phone.. Which, of course, made it Ring. I then had a talk with "Santa". James tried to put his head close to the phone to hear. Santa told me to tell him eavesdropping goes in the Bad column. Santa also wanted me to tell him that being disrespectful to elders (the babysitters) would be a HUGE mark against him. But.. Santa called to see if James had a Christmas list made out yet. He explained he MUST have the list before the first of the month in order to have everything ready for delivery. He's since come up with a LIST: Nintendo Wii Robo-Raptor Monster House (for PS2) Pokemon Monster Dungeon (for Nintendo DS) A Rock Tumbler GooseBumps Books Uno (the Adult Game.. he's had the "Dora" version for awhile) Any Tony Hawk game for Nintendo DS or PS2 He's not cheap is he? Santa BEWARE!

(email in question_
goosebump books? :D I've got some! They need a new home!
would he mind used condition in some of them? But damn if I could find a new and loving home for them, he can have them all!

I've got Goosebumps, ghost of fear street, scare yourself ones, etc. And even one of the two spoof books that came out. :D

*used to be such a nerd*

(deleted for privacy_ w/ address and comment of what I promised, and they're his! If you want, I could even wrap them in sets or so.

If I still had my old goosebump shoes I'd probably try and send those too.
My Reply:

He would not mind Used books. I'm an avid reader myself, my son has dyslexia...

Soooooo.. any books he likes and WANTS to read I'm all for.I can always tell him that Santa was making sure the books weren't too scary for him.. and well Santa dropped them in the tub or whatever... That'd only add to his joy.

I'd love any Goosebumps (or the same type of books) you could send him.

Thank you sooo much.

Red Clover (address them to James Clover)
123 Main St, Anywhere USA

Thank You so much.....


A few days later I got box.. with well over a 100 books!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo

Then I broke my Ankle


I heard nothing from that very very good Samaritan until:

I've heard back from a few people that they got their gifts that I mailed out the same time I sent yours out, so I'm just checking to see if your big ol box arrived yet or not. :)

Dyslexics of the world UNTIE

My response:

I did get the package and WOW That's a lot of books. Thank you so much. I'm sorry I've not gotten back to you sooner I broke my ankle and have been all but bed bound for the last 3 weeks.

Thank you again,
Red Clover


GS (Good Samaritan) Glad to hear they got there okay. James excited after seeing them all under the tree or are they going to be a surprise for Christmas?

Dsylexic of the world UNTIE

Me Again:
I've put out 6 *or so* of the packages that say "From Santa's ELF" many say santa's Elves..

He was amazed. "Santa's Elf" he gasped. Yes.. You never know what Santa and the Elves may come thru with, I said.

He is trapped in wonder..Most likely his last year of belief (sadly). He'll be 10 in January.

It's hard for me to express my thanks. As to your signature (dyslexics of the world UNTIE) My husband and I about ruptured our spleens laughing.

James IS dyslexic so ANY thing he WANTS to read I try to give him.

Thank You So Much

FROM GOOD SAMARITAN: I had loads of fun sorting out the books to wrap them up (I put all the trilogies together, all the 'ghosts at school!!1!' books together, etc etc, remembering the stories the whole way).

I don't think I've wrapped that many gifts so quickly before! I was in a bit of a rush trying to get them all out in time. If you look you might find the two or three that I almost wrote 'To Santa' and creatively edited the name to James. ^^; And I even had a letter from the 'Elf' that I forgot to include in the rush. Hopefully the nongoosebump books I included fit his interests. :D (heh, you'd think my bookshelf would look more empty with all those books missing)

You did Wonderfully, I thought so then. Even more so now, knowing your hurry.

I meant to mention to you earlier... There is a stuffed dog.. much flattened, but much loved (judging by the wear on his ears) tan body, darker ears, a belly that's almost orange-ie.. It was in the bottom of the box, and I didn't notice him till a few days ago was able to finish unpacking it.

Shall I send it back to you? I'm almost 31 but even I have a few beloved stuffed "babies" of my childhood and I'd hate to think you'd one day miss yours because you helped a "real life baby" of mine.


lol nah I put that in the top actually cause I was like 'OMG SPACE AND NO MORE BOOKS :(!!!!" and then realized I could fill the extra space with news paper after he was put in and was too lazy to pull him out.

LMAO.. Whew.. James has fallen in love with that fricken stuffed dog. Maybe a sign from Santa himself .. Who knows what a kid believes.

I'd like to copy and paste some of our emails to my blog (I'll leave your real name and email out, of course) If that's OK. Let me know. I think it'll be a good "Christmas Spirit" etc etc.

All of this has meant so much to me.. It's hard for me to say... But I'm grateful, thankful, and (gods bless) you have a great sense of fun...

Thank You

P.S. If I can publish let me know. It's a good story for the time of year, if nothing else. I will, of course, include a link to your livejournal if you like.

I've not heard anything since though all you've read happened within 2 hours (excepting for my begging forgiveness for a fractured ankle_which Les can attest too)

There is no link to GS .. aka Good Samaritan on this site, I've not gotten permission from GS to go (ehem) public. However. .. If you want to send him/her thanks.. AND I Know You Well Enough (aka long time reader) I will GLADLY pass it on.

This GS was so good to me. They gave everything they had (that I'd needed anyway, and it's the same to my mind) to make sure my son had at least one great gift from Santa!!

Friday, December 08, 2006


James and I had our Immigration Medical Exam on Wednesday. The nurse handed my son a cup. My nine year old son, it should be noted.

She says, "I don't need you to fill it. Just up to this line. The restroom is right there."

James starts to head off when I stop him and ask if he knows what she wants.

James: Yeah, some water. (He helpfully replies)
Me: No, son. She needs urine.
James: What's Urine?
The Nurse: Pee-Pee honey.

James: EWWWWW (a look of pure horror on his face)
The Nurse: How do you think I feel?

The nurse and I were laughing and joking the whole time he was doing his duty.

One more step in the process completed. It won't be long now.