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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, July 18, 2004

100 Things about me

I've seen this on a few posts and decided to try to come up w/ 100 things about me because.... well because I can, and I'm bored to tears. List started at 11:46 am...

1. Jennifer is my "real" first name

2. I'm a single mom

3. I love sunflower seeds in the shell

4. coffee coffee coffee I love coffee!

5. My house is way too cluttered with nicknacks and books

6. I went to a private Baptist school for 6th grade... shudder

7. I currently have 3 things I need to return to a retailer for a replacement. I'll probably throw them away. I'm bad about getting around to stuff like that.

8. I remember almost none of my 3 years of French. C'est vrai

9. I once spent 3 months eating English peas and rice because I was so broke. Ditto for Ramen noodles.

10. I never turn off my bathroom light. Never. I don't know why.

11. I had a midwife for my pregnancy. I was going to have my son at home.

12. My son was 2 wks over due so I had to go to the hospital and be induced. Still went natural childbirth though.

13. If I'd had a daughter I would have named her Amira Renee.

14. I'm vain about my hair.

15. And lips.

16. I smoke too damn much.

17. I have one tattoo on my left shoulder blade.. a 4 leaf clover

18. I've never had a professional facial.

19. I really like peppered beef jerky.

20. I own well over 300 books.. I stopped counting at 300. About 1/3 of them are hardcover.

21. I own 50 movies. About 75% of them are Disney movies. They are for my son... no really they are.

22. I collect hourglasses.

23. I don't wear makeup often.

24. I watch on average a grand total of 2 hrs of TV a MONTH! I never watch TV.

25. I own a cat, goldfish, and a Sudan plated lizard.

26. My bird and albino crayfish have died in the last month.

27. I am looking at busts of Nefertiti, and King Tut. I also have small statues of Bastet, Anubis, Isis, Ra, well you see where this is going.

28. In my living room I have oriental deities...

29. My bedroom walls are mint green. I like green.

30. I only have 2 working clocks in my house.. the PC clock and a wall clock in this same room.

31. I refuse to get a cell phone.

32. I prefer multi-grain or wheat bread over white hands down!

33. I have been in love with a woman.

34. I prefer men.

35. Even though I don't understand them.

36. I'm my father's only child..

37. My mother's first of 5 children.

38. All 5 of us kids have names that start with J.

39. I named my son James... my brother married a woman named Julia.

40. I have seen my cervix.. my doc showed it to me reflected in a mirror.

41. I'm not afraid of spiders, snakes or other creatures most women seem to be.

42. I own power tools.

43. And I can use them well.

44. The first ceiling fan I installed took me 3 hours and every cuss word I knew. Now I can do it in 20 mins flat.

45. I haven't purchased table sugar in almost 3 yrs.

46. I think its pretty damn hard to come up with 100 decent things about yourself. Sure I could just list all the foods I like.. but that's cheating lol

47. I've read 3 books in the last 7 days.

48. I know the Cat in the Hat by heart. My son has dyslexia and we are working hard on that book.

49. I really like Stuart McLean's monologues on the Vinyl Café.

50. I look in people's medicine cabinets when I'm visiting and have to use the restroom.

51. I am a terrible speller.. Thank the Gods for speell chekc.

52. I pride myself on being able to talk intelligently about almost any subject.

53. I have "fun only" friends and "serious only" friends... they hate each other.

54. I do lots of crafts when I'm bored or lonely.

55. I never forget to tell my son I love him at least a dozen times a day. Heck we get into I love you more fights .. Me: I love you more then all the leaves on the trees... Him: I love you more than all the fish in the ocean.. Me: I love you more than all the lightning bugs.. etc

56. I own 4 flashlights. None has working batteries.

57. I have an inverted left nipple... breast feeding didn't pull it out damn it.

58. I had RNY Gastric By Pass surgery two and a half years ago.

59. I weighed 450 + lbs on the day of surgery (my doc didnt have a scale that went up high enough) and wore a size 38 plus size

60. Now I weigh 235 lbs and wear a 16/18

61. I own a hand held GPS receiver .. and use it to go Geocaching. http://www.geocaching.com/

62. I've never been in a cop car.

63. I have sloppy penmanship.

64. I stopped biting my nails about a year ago.

65. I'm very proud of my nails now. I almost never paint them though.

66. I've broken/fractured my right ankle twice. Once in Jr. High and once a few months ago.

67. I've never bought a car from a car dealership.

68. I didn't own a VCR until about 5-6 yrs ago. My dad gave it to me for Christmas with a note that said "Welcome to the 80's"

69. ha.. I don't enjoy 69 .. the position..

70. I'm not brand loyal about anything.

71. I prefer real cream in my coffee. If I have to I can drink it black.

72. I'm drinking coffee right now. At 12:38 in the afternoon.

73. I despise morning people.. wink

74. I'm not superstitious.

75. I have a fear of heights if I'm not on firm footing.

76. I've never flown. (edit: I flew in September 04 from SE coast to NW coast)

77. With that said I really really want to go skydiving one day.

78. I can't think of anyone that I "hate"

79. I do, however, hate being called Jenny.. grr.. just typing it .. ugh

80. I don't like liver, spinach, eggs, mushrooms or asparagus.

81. I've never been more than a few hundred miles from home. (edit: In September 04 I traveled almost 3500 miles one way to meet the man that I hope will be my husband soon)

82. I've seen many space shuttle launches in person.

83. I remember when 40 was old. lmao

84. I can touch the tip of my nose w/ my tongue.

85. I dream in 3rd person most of the time.

86. I don't believe in love at first sight.

87. I really like popcorn.

88. I'm so pale that when I broke down one night... I raised my shirt and was able to reflect enough light from the headlights off my stomach to see into the engine and fix the loose connection.

89. I smile alot.

90. I love to see/make people laugh.

91. I type "..." alot

92. I kill plants. No matter how careful I am.

93. I'd rather clean the bathroom than do dishes.

94. I'm very punctual. I hate being late!

95. I'd rather have a house full of love, games, and fun than to have a spotless house.

96. I suck at cross word puzzles. Mostly because of my poor spelling.

97. I have an oral fixation.

98. I only own 3 pairs of shoes.

99. I'm self conscious about my excess skin from my weight loss.

100. I'm glad I took the time to do this... I'm pretty interesting lol

Whew! It's now 1:05 pm It took me an hour and 20 mins to come up with 100 things about me.


  • stopped by today - linked off Jen's site.
    read your 100 things to get to know you.
    congrats on your weight loss!
    i will stop by again for a visit

    By Blogger weese, at 1:33 PM  

  • *sigh* Im gonna attempt this on my blog. Dont be suprised if you see my on cam with spots of hair ripped out.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 11:26 PM  

  • It was surprising difficult to do. I read one today that just made me go ugh! It was boring. Every sentence I just typed would have been numbered in her list.. even this one lol

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:29 PM  

  • Hope this isnt a dumb question Jen, but how did you get this post to appear separate on the list from all the others? BTW stealing this blog idea too ...will give me something to play around with on the weekend. Love the idea.

    By Blogger JustSue, at 3:02 PM  

  • This is a very interesting perfil. Once you published them i think i can comment some of them. The best is the number 53 about "fun only" and "serious only" friends. I think you must mix them.I know that will be hard work... but it worth; Really some items are surprising ex. numbers 24, 31, 76, 84 and 69 (specially this one and i didn't understand it...at light of 97 ); Thanks for the number 34. At last i would like to know how many times you ... (no it isn't what did you think...) changed this post after you have written it at first time. "Melhores saudações" (isn't french ..is portuguese). nothingandall

    By Blogger looking4good, at 2:48 PM  

  • In response to the above.. Thanks. And No I dont enjoy the position 69. I prefer to be able to fully concentrate on what I'm doing. So that means one at a time please lol.

    I've not changed the post at all since I wrote it.. I do need to add a few notes. I did fly for the first time in Sept.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:54 PM  

  • You may be right. We mustn't to share the attentions for several things and don't make any right. But that thing i am not so sure, because is terrific ...) lol.

    By Blogger looking4good, at 3:43 PM  

  • Congrats on the weight loss! I had never before tried to touch my nose with my tongue. I can't, I now know, and I'm wondering just how many tried it when they read that!

    By Blogger Justice, at 1:18 AM  

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