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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sand, backlighting, and grace

combine to create something fluid, moving, and awe inspiring. The Artist's website does not provide much more than a cursory overview of who she is, the fact that she is talented in many artistic avenues and that she has a "Baby Sandy" DVD for children that "challenges the imagination and initiate a multisensory response is full of surprises music and artistic visual effects."

There are video clips from several performances she has given, but as near as I can tell no way to buy a DVD of those performances. Still... Sit back, watch for 5 minutes and enjoy.

Direct Link to Video Clip Note: If you want to download this or any other video from video.google I recommend (for those of us still plodding along with Microster Gates anyway.. Mac I can't make a recommendation) Anyway! I recommend changing the download type from "windows/mac" to "Sony PSP") and than saving to your PC. Why?

Well! That, my friends.. ha.. ok ok here's the deal. If you aren’t paying attention and just hit yeah download.. uh huh.. ok.. yes I wanna download it (and click ok on the download window) you are ALSO downloading Google Video Player. Which you'll need cuz.. ok.. here's the fun part.. google has their own file type, surprise surprise.. sigh.. Now if you are like me and have Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime or the QT Alternative, AND fricken Media Player Classic (cuz WMP sucks donkey ball's in my not so humble opinion) THEN factor in more update patches, codecs and bizarre format converting programs than Castro's got cigars.. and well you can see why I didn't want the stupid player.. or the goggle file type (.gvp).

Hey but .. I'm not bitter.. really I'm not. Where was I? Oh yeah.. if you just change the download to a "Sony PSP" type you download a nice neat MP4 which just about all media players that aren’t so old that they were coded with a chisel on stone should be able to play. Of if you prefer you can go to google's blog entry on just this concern. Though I did get a really great chuckle out of the last line. (Implied: **If you did manage to follow our somewhat vague suggested advice above and you STILL can't play our videos** end of implied lets move on to the direct quote) "or you player gives errors, try Media Player Classic". Do you feel reassured? *grin*

Whew ok.. sorry about the rant there.. I Can't. Stand. It. When. Even. The. Simple. Things. Need. Friken. Software.. grrrrrrr.. ok.. ok.. I think I really need to scroll back up now and REWATCH the video to calm myself.

I hope you all enjoyed it.

If I lost you in all the talk of Players, updates, file types, etc and you just don’t think you can live another day without your VERY OWN copy of this video drop me an email.. and I'll send it to you.. hey your choice... even.. MP4 or AVI

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer holiday has started

for my son and I've been busy.

He's recently been putting thumbscrews to me in several areas. "Mom, do babies come out your butt?"

Ugh.. no they don't. Brief anatomy lesson.. short simple.

"Mom when will I meet my dad? Do you know where he is?"

Double ugh.. No I don't know where he is. We broke up before we realized you were in my tummy. I don't know when you might meet him.

It only gets harder as he gets older.

sooo.. to cover all bases and add it to the list of places online I've already posted it..

Ken M, born Dec 1975

Dear Ken

Friday, June 09, 2006

Congrats Chris & Monette

Yay! Huzzah Huzzah.. I'd like to say congratulations to two very dear friends who have gotten married today! They've certainly waited long enough.

Félicitations mes amis!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Recently my son, age 9 was talking with a friend. They were discussing little boy things.. like poops, and farts.

I sternly told him that was not the kind of thing you discussed in mixed company. When he asked what I meant I explained that "mixed company" meant that there were both boys and ladies in the same room.

He looked at me puzzled. I gave him the "don't let your eyes write a check your butt can't cash" look. (An aside: if you ever want to be a parent start working on this look NOW. It takes years to perfect.)

He then said, "Ladies?" and looked around.

(humph) I cleared my throat, "yes ME"

He smiled and said "But.. you're not a lady. You're just my mom."

He should be out of the coma any day now... Just KIDDING. He said it with such honest and sincere frankness that I had to bolt out of the room to laugh.

So there you go. No ladies in this house... just one mom.

------------Oh Yeah.. and drumroll please----------------
He passed! Yay! Third grade here he comes. All the work, effort, and Adderall paid off.