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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The children are our future

Live the dream
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I had to get a picture of this. My cousin was with me and he, thankfully, had his camera phone with him.

My first cash register

What better way to reward your child than by teaching them the skills they'll need to make it in the competitive Cashier industry. Nothing says "You can be ANYTHING you want when you grow up!" quite like the My First (implied: "first" but certainly not last) Cash Register.

Reach for the stars kids! One day you too can say, "So that was $10 in gas and a six pack, anything else?" with ease and grace.

The only thing more pessimistic would be the "My First Prison Tattoo Kit".... sigh

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ah.. Perfection

The house is cool, and quiet, lit only by daylight filtered through the curtains. My coffee sits waiting, scenting the room subltely with pleasure; my book, next to the coffee, calls me with the promise of silence broken only by the seductive sound of turning pages.

I've got nothing on but the radio, and no plans to change that, either with clothes or television.

The stillness is perfection. My childfree week has begun... I think I just heard the angels sigh.

I'm off to curl up with my coffee and book.. Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 21, 2006


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We went swimming with my cousin, Chris, a few days ago. As Chris took off his shirt my son hollered "Boobies!"

I turned and looked to see what was going on, taking in the scene I replied, "Yeah well you have boobies too"

"Yeah but not like that" he said, "Not that big."

Now my cousin isnt a fat guy. He doesn't have a big ole pair of man boobs or anything.

James then said "What are those pink things?"

(Deep breath, try and maintain composure) "Those are his nipples, you have them too. When you get older yours will get darker too"

Oh, he replied.


While my son was on the phone with my beau tonight he posed one of the typical James questions. I thought.. "whew, at least I'm not the one being grilled this time"

James askes, "How can jellyfish breathe underwater since they don't have gills?"

And people wonder why I have forehead wrinkles at 30....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Changes Color!

Part of my job, at the moment, involved looking up credit unions on the federal National Credit Union Administration website.

Friday afternoon I ran across what is without a doubt the funniest credit union in Michigan, if not the country. You have to see for yourself. The credit union even has 772 members! I just don't think I'd want that printed on my checks.

In other news.. my beau was telling a story about his day last night when I quietly said "I cut 6 inches off my hair." He got another 2 or 3 words out before what I'd said registered. He stopped talking. I didn't say anything. About a minute passed while I listed to the sound of my breathing before he said "Im going to pretend you didn't say that."

I let him see it. Before we stopped talking last night he said, "Your hair looks good, just don't ever do it again!" in a playful tone. I told him that was promise I couldn't keep and we proceeded to end our conversation as usual.

What is it with men and long hair?

Monday, July 10, 2006

But... But.. But...

I spent the weekend with my baby brothers (remaining baby brothers.. one died of a drug overdose in October of 2004). All things considered it went well. There were questions that came up that were hard to get past. More than once I walked away from a conversation that revolved around "their" father. (I'm my father's only child, their father is something that pond scum looks up too... but I digress)

It was good to all be together once again. My only sister (half sister if you count that, she's just "my sister" to me) Is once again in jail.... she failed a sobriety test .. after a 6 month state mandated rehab center...


It was good to see them ..

Monday, July 03, 2006

All hail..

Caught by my son
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The mighty fisherman. I hate fish. I don't want to catch, clean, cook or eat the fricken things.

Now that James has eaten his kill.. he says "Well, I didn't like them. But Shirley and Harold ate the rest.

Whew.. I did my part taking pictures of them, and providing the ice to keep them fresh.. gak.. till they could be cleaned and cooked.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who is chad?

An interesting question.. "Chad" is the person/program that took over my PC for the last week or so. I received a popup that was... uh interesting to say the least about 5 days ago.

There was no "Yes or No" choice. I ended up doing the three finger salute... aka ctrl, alt, Del. This, of course, triggered the "save to disk" function. This... ugh... installed the program prompted by the popup... in other words it installed "Chad's access".

Chad was suddenly installed as the master authority for my PC. I, formerly the "owner", was relegated to grunt status. I had no (insert sarcastic voice here) authority to change security settings on this machine.

FUCK!!!!! Ok... So Chad and I danced. I could literally WATCH him make changes on my PC thru the "remote access" help function.

I'd disable a system function and head to another... and he'd change it back to allow him access.

At one point I was trying to change his security access and realized I couldn’t do. FUCK... then I noticed my blinking cursor in the "security access name" box... I could change Chad's name... (Insert evil grin) I changed his name to "ASSPOTATO"

Fifteen minutes or so later I received a "system wide message" that said Ha-Ha. And Chad changed his name to "system security" and closed the loophole that let me re-name him in the first place.

Long story short... I have bested Chad and reassumed control of my PC. It took me every damn resource I could think of and (thankfully) I had Windows Patch 2 on CD from Windows themselves. ChaD ALMOST COST ME THE MAN I CALL HUSBAND...

So... SCREW YOU CHAD.. you fuckin asspotato. ;)