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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, May 26, 2006

That's coffee love for ya.

That's coffee love for ya.
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I dont have table sugar in my house due to stomach surgery 4 years ago.

My cousin came by tonight and wanted a cup of coffee. I usually keep a small baggie of sugar for him, but had given it to a neighbor.

Soooo.. he figured the blue crystal sugar would work.. and it did.. except he'd flinch everytime he looked in the cup.

But he drank it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lefty? Righty? or just dim?

This picture is not mine, it's a game

What you have to do is to look at the picture and see how quickly you can find the man's head hidden in the picture, and there is a photograph of one there I promise you!

If you can find it in 3 seconds you have a left handed brain, if it takes up to 3 min you have a right handed brain (like most people) and if it takes longer you're not too bright!

It shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me that I'm a lefty brain.. ha.. I'm sure not like "most people". At least not in how my mind works..



Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm too self sufficient....(read that as

Too Damn Stubborn!)

On April 17th I tore the rotator cuff and one of the tendons in my right shoulder. Since then I've been forbidden to lift anything that weighs more than a loaf of bread. On the Pro side of the list: this has resulted in me losing almost 10 lbs this month since I've not been able to cook, haven't been sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day eating vending machine goodies and cafeteria food swimming in grease. (An aside if I get a bacon cheese biscuit in the morning... I get to my desk and wrap the biscuit in paper towels and press down. You know those "what do you see" ink blotch tests?, well the napkin always looks like high tide on the cholesterol seaside. It's gross... really gross)

On the Con side: I hate, hate, HATE not being able to do for myself.

When I first was injured the docs gave me some pain pills. I took them for a few days when the pain was at the worst. My son, age 9, came home from school one day and I was dozing on the sofa. He had a friend with him and said "Don't worry about mom. She hurt her shoulder and her medicine makes her kinda dumb... and she sleeps alot" .. UGH.. I hated feeling that way and only took them when it was NEEDED.

I told you that story so I could tell you this one: Stubborn... bored... independant... not a good combo. I... well... I sorta... kinda... used a hammer today. Yep... as a result I'm kinda dumb and I think I'm ready for a nap.

But damnit the nails were sticking up and catching on my clothes!! Who knew 6 swings with a hammer could wreck such havoc. They were even "girly" swings... I barely tapped the damn things. Pain... Pain... Pain...

Just friken shoot me.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sewing.. and recovering

Well it's now been FOUR weeks since I've been able to work. I've torn the rotator cuff and one of the tendons leading down to my bicep in my right shoulder. It's gotten much better, now I'm just waiting for the doc to OK my return to the world of the paid corporate slave.... which incidentally sounds GREAT after four weeks of nothing!

However my sewing skill has increased by leaps and bounds lol.

Fabric Used: That was the hitch. I used a green slinky I'd picked not too long ago. That freaking fabric!!! I'd have all 4 yards on the table with only 3 INCHES hanging off, but that was enough to encourage the rest of the fabric to run lemming-like for the edge of the table and dive off. I think my fiance thought that I'd developed Touretts Syndrome PG13 style.

He'd hear "Son of a ... biscuit eater! .. God!! Bless America!" "Mother! Goose and Grim!!" My 9 year old son would look up at me expectantly .. waiting for me to slip up and let him learn some really good new words.. Thankfully that didn't happen.

I think they both started really questioning my sanity when I was cackling like a fool while boiling mystery mixture on the stove.

Ah yes.. Medium Starch mixture.. Old school style. 30 minutes later I was ironing my fabric dry! Woo hoo.. What seemed to be made of liquid silver before starching now was as stationary as large green crackers. God bless starch.

After that the fabric lay there docile and quiet while I muttered things like "showed you huh?" "Try MY patience will you!"

I love slinky clothes, I hate sewing slinky. lol

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: The only change I made was to NOT attach the straps. I added four female snap connectors to the inside of the neckline so I could wear it without straps for an evening out, but still meet work dress code by snapping in the straps.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

I've been sewing.. or trying to

I've now been out of work for THREE weeks with a shoulder injury. I had to find something to do or I was going to kill someone.

So.. I started sewing. I'd recently gotten a small sewing machine for hemming and small repairs. I went to malwart (your source for cheap plastic crap!) and bought some $1 a yard fabric.

My first project was a bathrobe. I was ginourmous. I was thinking.. "you know, I'm pretty sure I told her I did NOT want the sew-your-own-burial-shroud kit". I gave it to my cousin when it was done. He likes it.

Next a little something for when my beau and I see each other again.. turned out really well!

Then I tried to make (key word: Tried) a pair of slacks... oh the shame... Once I'd ripped the seams out and corrected them they no longer fit me. Oh I could get them ON, but shortly the police showed up and advised me I'd committed a crime against humanity and if I ever wore them again I'd be going downtown.

I'm going to give them to mom. They are a really nice pair of dress slacks.

Then I made a really "June Cleaver" apron, just to mess w/ my beaus head lol

Last but not least... hahahahaha Since I have breasts bigger than an olive pit view B was a joke. If I'd sewn both the "cups" together it might have held one breast. And I'm only a C /D- cup size My beau got a really good laugh out of me trying to pack 10 lbs of boob into a 2 lb top piece ;)

I ended up making major "design changes" (read that: I screwed up big time when I cut the alternate top). Well.. after the view B cup fiasco I was on the phone w/ my mother while I was cutting the view D top portion. She was asking me to make her a dress and we were talking about her size.. a 16.. and well.. I uh.. sorta .. cut it out as a 16.

So I had a 16 top, 20 bottom and no more teal fabric. I kicked around the idea of taking the whole thing into the yard and setting it ablaze until I remembered knits don’t burn very well. Since, I had already used all of my cursing vocabulary in new and spectacular combinations when realizing I'd cut it out the wrong size I figured I'd try to salvage it.

I cut 2 3 inch strips of the sheer sleeve material, and underlined it with a almost matching blue knit. I liked the look of it so much I decided to make a one inch "waistband" to match. .... See.. they weren't screw-up fixes.. they were design elements waiting to happen ;)

I didn't turn out too badly!