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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Continuing an uneasy year

We were forced to arrange an emergency flight from Yellowknife for Jennifer, unfortunately, as we received the sorrowful news that her grandmother had passed away. It has been a challenging year for us so far, and this was just another blow. I jokingly have commented to Jennifer that we seem to stumble from crisis to crisis like a drunken sailor, but that doesn't seem so funny any more. AS of this posting, August 3, in the morning, she is on the way to Atlanta. Then she'll be driving to Jacksonville FL to lend support to her grieving father, and to grieve herself. She asked me to post this note so that folks will know what is happening.

My wife is enormously resilient, but this will be a real challenge for her. I hope that anyone that has read this blog in the past will send their thoughts out to her during this time. We hope to post more later, and regularly. We'll keep you updated.