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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


G'morning all.. This morning is not as trying as my last "ugh its morning post". I slept well. Had GREAT dreams! (Les, I hope you evening wasn't to late and that you had a good restful sleep)

A few thoughts on last nights post.

I got home looking like a drowned rat and ran inside to change. I had 45 mins before my son was due at vacation bible school. I dressing in ALL BLACK! I was thinking, There's no DAMN way I'm getting embarrassed like that at the church.

My beau pointed out that the mental image of dripping wet, clothes clinging Red was at pretty umm stimulating mental image. Now, in retrospect yeah, it probably was pretty erotic. Hell, if truth be told.. I probably would have ogled me. But, I would have done it more respectfully. Hmm, can you leer respectively? I digress, at the time cold, wet, uncomfortable, and fighting my skirt which was not only wet but crawling upward w/ every step, I didn't feel the least attractive, sexy or appealing.. I felt murderous. LOL

While I was at the church one of the "elders" I guess would be the right word, asked why I didn't attend church. Ugh.. why ask these things? I told him (for simplicities sake) that I was an Atheist. He was a bit taken aback, and then thanked me for being open minded enough to let my son attend their vacation bible school, and staying to eat dinner with them. No pressure, no "sales pitch", I do like this bunch of folks. However, their beliefs are not mine. Ah, but tonight will be the test. Will I suddenly find that we are boxed in by attentive "christians" at dinner? I certainly hope not! (Reminds me of a bumper-sticker I once saw.. God, please save me from your followers!)

Blogg at you later, I gotta get ready for work. Hugs and kisses. Hope your day is effortless, and rewarding!


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