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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, June 21, 2004

Men vs Boys

What kind of asses are we, as parents, raising anyway!

Ok So, I had a presentation to do today at work. I get up this morning and dress carefully. Cream blouse, brown and cream skirt, hose, pumps, makeup, hair all that crap (I did look pretty nice, if I must say so myself. lol And, my presentation went well. I'm pleased. It's going to be a good day.. I just know it!

Just before I get off work it starts raining.. Really pouring down. Great I don't have an umbrella and I'm parked in the nose bleed section at work. Think Walmart at Christmas. Hell, I almost need hiking boots to get to my car lol. So, I step out of the building and am instantly drenched. I have a vague notion of people walking in front of me, because my head is turned down. The cream blouse disappears under its soaking and I'm crossing my arms over my chest. One of the three men (I use this term loosely not a one of them is over 25) walking directly in front of me, turns back and sees me, all but naked, shirt invisible, skirt clinging like a form fitting leech to my legs. He, of course, tells his friends to take a peek..

GREAT!! I'm on display. You know a 6 or 7 minute walk can feel like a mile under these circumstances. They start joking laughing etc, I could happily slay them all and am cursing anything w/ a penis at this point. The man walking in front of them apparently overhears them. He turns back and jogs to me, thrusts his umbrella into my hands and starts taking off his sport coat. He offers me the coat to cover myself and I look up to thank him. It's my Brit friend. I've worked with him off and on for 6 years. He is the perfect British Grandfather type. Probably 65ish, wonderful accent, and so very proper and polite. He takes the time to walk me to my car apologizing the whole way for the "unforgivable behavior of those ruffians".

May the Gods bless the gentleman of the world. So, there is the perfect example of the difference in men and boys. And people wonder why I don't take my own age. LMAO


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