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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, June 12, 2004

It's electrifying

Wow.. Want to talk about exciting. We've had some extreme thunder storms here for most of yesterday and last night. As a general rule I love the awesome power of nature that is exhibited in storms, assuming I'm safely inside you understand.

So, last night I'm on the phone with my love, I excused myself to go to the restroom. Just as I returned and picked up the phone to tell him I was back there is a huge and head splitting pop on the phone. Followed immediately by, what seemed at the time to be, an explosion. I really thought for a moment that I'd died. The sound was that large. In retrospect I'm sure there was some kind of shockwave as well. But, in my deafened and stunned state I really couldn't tell you. After I'd gathered my senses a bit, and some of my hearing returned, I picked up the phone and tried to use it. Nothing.. grrr.. tried to get online, Nothing..

I began to hear people talking and exclaiming outside. So I put on my nightgown and robe and stepped outside. My son and landlady were running over to check on me. After putting all the pieces together it seems we had a lightening strike somewhere in the immediate vicinity of my house. In fact, my phone box outside had exploded.

My beau was, so I'm told, frantic. My phone was busy when he tried to call me. I'm terribly sorry to have worried him. Thank you Anna for being there. I'm sorry he called on the calvary. I'm ok. Really. The phone repair man was not happy about being called out on a Saturday morning. But, hey, that's what he gets paid for. So, I'm back online, and have phone service again.

Les, I love you. To hear the relief in your voice when I came on was touching. Thank you for your concern. I'm glad I mean enough to you that you worried. But, I hate the fact you suffered because of me.

Ok time for responsible mommy duties. Thanks again to everyone.


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