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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Rambling musings

Whew! It's nice to be home. Work was slow and boring.. a pleasant change from my normal pace and emotional turmoil of late. But, its still nice to be here where I'm comfortable and can bum around in a long t-shirt and panties. My son's not home yet. He went to the lake w/ my mother, her husband, and my brother today. I hope he had fun and isn't too badly sunburned.

I've been giving it some thought and have decided to stop dyeing my hair for awhile. I was a natural strawberry blonde the last time I saw my real hair color. I hated it. I looked pale and washed out. So, I've been dyeing it a medium auburn for over 10yrs now. I'm a bit afraid to find out what color is may be now lol. I've watched my sister's stunning platinum blonde hair turn to dark blonde, and my mother's dark blonde hair turn to that dishwater blonde in the last 10 yrs. Fair warning Les, if it turns out to be mom's color I'll probably start redying it, getting highlights SOMETHING.

I've been doing alot more reading just for the hell of it lately. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy losing myself in a good story. I've finished 4 books in the last week. One of which a friend had given me a long time ago and I just found it. It is "The Pearl". A bit of history on this one... From the title page:

The Pearl was a monthly journal that first appeared in July 1879 in London. Catering to every erotic taste, it flourished until December 1880, when it vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared. Here are all eighteen issues of The Pearl, featuring six serialized novels, lewd short stories, scandalous gossip of the day, letters from lusty readers, and licentious limericks and naughty jokes.

Guess what.. Porn was still porn in the 1800's. The stories covered spanking, bondage, incest, adultery, FF and MM sex.. they were right every taste was covered. LOL It is more stylized than todays erotic stories, mostly due to syntax and the language of the day. Still a very .. umm.. effective read. I recommend it if you find erotic stories of today a bit too crass.

I spent some time in Chat last night. You know I've missed it. I feel a bit on the outside looking in sometimes, but that's to be expected. I've not been there for quite some time. I'm promising myself an hour of chat a night. Some of the people drive me up the wall.. but alot of them I really like. If nothing else my sarcasm needs a better work out than it's been getting as of late!

And with no further ado.
Ten Ways To Annoy The Hell Out Of An Ex

1. Stuff metallic confetti in there.. pack the object tightly in the box to maximize the possibility of it flying everywhere. You cant get that stuff out of carpet!

2. Buy the "kiss my ass" candy hearts. Nothing says it's over like candy that says "Eat Shit", "Fuck Off", "Little Dick" etc

3. Sew Sardines in the hem of their favorite clothing, then give it back to them.

4. Send a dozen dead roses, with an inspirational card!

5. Buy vagina/penis shaped dried pasta and invite them to "eat me one last time"

6. Sell the wedding dress on ebay.. god that was funny!

7. Mail all of their dirty pics to their mom. (I don't recommend this btw, a good friend of mine did it and got sued for emotional distress by his mom)

8. Act nervous, call and tell them the clinic said you really need to "stop spreading the love". Mention that if they start experiencing any leakage or burning they may want to check into it.

9. Sign them up for every E-zine you can find.

10. My personal preference.. Kill them with kindness. Thank them for the valuable lessons you've learned. Wish them well. Be polite. Even if you have to chew your lips off to do it.

Well, ladies and gents, it's that time again. I have to go be productive for awhile.


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