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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, June 18, 2004

Why I shouldnt blogg in the AM

ugghh.. damn it's early.. i need coffee.. must have coffee..early.. boy thats an ugly word.. Im not a morning person.. don't expect cheerful for at least an hour.. oh and (god help us) if we're ever out of coffee.. well.. then just dont expect cheerful at all.. please tell me your family are not the spring out of bed and seize the day type.. id hate to have to kill any of them.. i really hope you have a medusa fetish.. im quite sure thats what i look like this morning.. ok i just lit my first smoke.. i have a cup of last nights left over coffee in front of me.. it's still luke warm from last night.. the only redeeming factor on this morning is that it's friday morning.. that means i have 2 days coming up where i can indulge in as much of your company as you will allow me. (See you can tell the coffee and smoke combo are working. I was able to come up with indulge and redeeming) i love you, hope your day is superb. I've got to go put clothes on the upper half of my body now. LOL It just occurred to me I have myself totally dressed from the waist down, including shoes, not a stitch do I have on the top half though. Talk to you tonight. *kiss*


  • Well ;), I had no idea I was the first person you thought of in the morning but ty. I'm glad it's friday too hon. I hope your day went well and thanks for the visual...mmm mmm a topless Jenn, now thats what I'm talking about. >:D<

    By Blogger Anna, at 11:28 PM  

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