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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

nothing to scratch but the surface

I am so damn tired of rain! Not, just rain but thunderstorms. Now that I've had a close call with lightening it kinda freaks me out a bit. I'm sure as time passes I'll be less nervous. But, damn! It's starting up here again. Oh well.

I tried to chat today.. I say tried because every time I was in the room for more than a minute I was getting booted. Screw it! There wasn't anyone in there I couldn't live without talking to anyway. Monette was ghosting, Garg was ghosting, Panda was in there and talking w/ me a bit. Other than that there was only 2 other people in there, guys I didn't know, had never seen before. Hell, it could be my backwoods connection. I don't know.

Les, if I cant stay connected tonight I will probably call you this evening. Hope you don't mind.

OK I'm getting off here for a bit. The storm is raging.


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