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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sarcastic? Moi? Cherish the thought..

Recently a blog-world friend, Latin Lover, posted a story about how he met his wife. My comment:

Ok. Ok. I see how Anduin might be a different person now, but you? Cocky, check, arrogant, uh huh, full of yourself... Um? Where's the change? (Is this the part where I start running?)

was read by a coworker and "real life" friend who gave me hell for possibly offending him. After a fairly long and vigorous debate I decided to make a follow up comment, which I'm quite proud of, I might add.

After a fairly gentle scolding (read that: I’ll be needing Preparation H for about 2 weeks for my well chewed nether region) from a "real life" friend of mine who pointed out that online “you” can’t see my facial expression, body language or hear the teasing lilt of my voice; Let the record show: I was kidding, teasing, making a joke about the 'haven't changed' thing.

Remember when you were a kid and your mother made you apologize for something; so you rolled your eyes through the whole spiel... yeah... exactly.

If, despite my insistence that it would be an inconceivably remote possibility, you did take offense, please allow me to prostrate myself before you, my tears defying gravity itself to form actual arcs of liquid sorrow, as head down, hands up I beseech your forgiveness.

Or some such ;)

(I hope you're happy now, you internet etiquette nazi)

My coworker read the follow up comment and said to me... in all seriousness... "You know, your sense of humor is kinda sarcastic."

LOL "Who'd a thunk it" I replied...


  • Yanno......

    Sarcasm is in many cultures and regions around the globe a very viable form of humour.

    Besides, just let your internet nazi-like friend know...

    Sarcasm is but only one service I offer.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 12:22 PM  

  • Ha, one DOES have to selective when it comes to sarcasm, and careful of where to use it. In type, sarcasm can be viewed in a variety of ways, unless you carefully word and highlight the comments. I've yet to be on the receiving end of any of this lady's acerbic wit, although she has told me of some instances where she uses it or thinks it at work. Work situations sometimes call for more restraint then you feel you possess, especially when you deal with the public. When I've dealt with a customer one-on-one in the variety of jobs I've had, the delivery is easier when it's prefaced with a nod, a smile, a wink. It's even an icebreaker. Often when I'd get the ubiquitous comment ''How're you doing?'', I'd say something like ''I'm at a disastorous crossroads in my life!'' Most people, resigned to getting the typical response of ''Fine, thanks.'' or ''Pretty good.'', immediately stop their train of thought. They stop, because they have to deal with something so outside of the programmed response that they freeze up. I can't say I thought of this phrase; I actually got it from an old book. Before they stutter through an enquiring answer, though, I let them off the hook, and say "Ha, made you look, didn't I?" It puts the kybosh on the programmed responses, and we can talk like real people then. That one phrase has brought a lot of repeat customers, oddly enough. I can guess that Shannon is rolling her eyes right now. And probably the kindest thing she's thinking is "unconventional". Despite the high sounding language, though, it really connects with people in that situation. Sarcasm ISN'T the only service I offer. I offer the acknowledgement of the reality of who you are, and that I want to get past the patina of socially acceptable manners. Uh-huh, you're right; I DO sound pompous. Ha, perhaps that's a unique service I offer. Anyways.....

    By Blogger Student of Life, at 3:12 PM  

  • The lady I"m referring to at the beginning of my comments is, of course, Renee. I should be more clear in my commentary.

    By Blogger Student of Life, at 3:13 PM  

  • hello from alabama.....I just saw your blog.....great looking blog and very well written.....definately be back....


    By Blogger Scotty Ice, at 9:17 AM  

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