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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Faux Frosting

Awhile back I bought some stick butter, I forget what I was making. A few days ago I decided to put the leftovers in a small bowl so I could throw away the box, and not have half used sticks of butter in the fridge.

I was looking around for a small butter dish, empty cream cheese bowl, you know something with a lid that was reasonably sized. I found an empty frosting/icing tub which wonder of wonders, still had the lid.

I unwrapped the left over butter and put it inside. Then I used a fork to cream it to make it easy to spread when I needed it. I put it in th door of the fridge and more or less forgot about it.

Enter my son.. age 8. I was reading on the couch when he went into the kitchen for a drink. I heard a small gasp and a reverent "mmmm frosting" come drifting out of the kitchen.

I put down my book and activated super mommy power #1, super sonic hearing.

I listened intently to him tip toe across the kitchen, and ease the flatware drawer open. I heard the slight snick of two spoons bumping together as he sneaked one out. I smiled when I heard that sucking noise the gaskets on the refrigerator door make when you pull it open slowly. Then I heard the ever so careful sound of him slowly opening the frosting.

Then I heard nothing.. .. until

MOM!!!! Who put BUTTER in the frosting can?!?

After that I just heard my own laughter. He wasn't amused as he went to brush his teeth.


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