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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, June 20, 2005

Question of the day.

Me: OK.. So here's the question of the night.. I thought about this while I was driving home from dropping them off at vacation bible school.
Chris: OK
Me: Is it a bigger sin, than usual, to masturbate while your kid is at Vacation Bible School? lol I mean.. I do have 3 hours alone lol
Chris: It is if you plan it on the way to drop them off. Spontaneous masturbation can never be a sin.
Me: lmao.. nope it wasn't in the plans..just wondering
Chris: if so, i will be the ruler of hell
Me: think I should ask the pastor tomorrow when I drop James off? (hysterical laughing face)
Chris: oh god if you do, I must be there. With a video camera. That would make my year. lol
Me: Mine too.. too bad I wouldn't be able to do it w/out laughing the whole time
Chris: I know
Me: Wonder what mom would make of it?
Chris: lol Or how about Cheryl (our most foam at the mouth religious family member)?I would love to see her stumble over that one.
Me: She'd probably start speaking in tongues..
Chris: Yeah she would. and break out the holy water.


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