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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

James 6 mo old

James 6 mo old
Originally uploaded by red clover.
Where did my little boy go?!?

7 and a half years ago today this photo was taken. My son, my little tiny (ok he was born at 10 lbs .. he was never tiny) but my darling baby is 8 today.

Stop the Car!!!

When did I get old enough to have an 8 yr old kid and not be dragged on Springer. I'm still 22 right? (those damn crickets churping is just cruel)

ok, ok, reality check is in. I am 28.. going to be 29 next month. Damn, Damn Damn.

Can I give Father Time a hummer and slow this crap down?

It's so hard to believe my kid is 8.


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