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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, January 21, 2005

Crate 668

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Thursday afternoon at the pet store we got the last of a litter of Siberian Huskies. We'd received and sold 3 other puppies from this litter. This guy was last. We didn't have room to take him until yesterday. The story from the half insane Mani on the mountain (aka my cousin Chris) is that the dog came in about 3:00 pm.

I arrived at the store at 4:55 for my 5:00 start time. I waited around outside the bathroom for my chance to change from "casual professional" to the jeans I wear at job #2.

There was this noise, this... almost human sounding wailing. It sounded like something you'd hear in a horror soundtrack. Maybe, Pantara mixed with the gibbering of a starving vampire. It was... The BEAST

I changed and went out into the store proper. I could see right away that Chris' smile was actually just a really painful grimace. "Who's crying" I asked. It's very unusual to have an animal whine, much less this nails on a blackboard screeching.

I look in. awwww It's an adorable Husky baby. I ask Chris what's the deal. Chris doesn't know. All he knows is the dog came in and hasn't stopped crying since. If you pick it up it's as good as gold. The minute you put it down, gibbering vampire!

In the next 4 hours that damn dog cried non stop. Chris and I both swear we heard that dog speaking in tongues at one point. As a result, my patience was tested in a way it hasn't been tested since my son had colic and cried for 3 months. The dog went from:

5:00 pm Aww.. The poor thing

9:15 pm What does the F*&KING BEAST eat?!?

At some point during the night I had gone to get the puppy out that was next to the husky. I came out of the room laughing hysterically. Chris thought I'd finally snapped. He asked what was so funny. I said "look! It's address... Crate 668 He's next door neighbor to the beast"

Customers looked at us oddly has we snuffled back our laughter and snickers for the next 15 mins. We really were half crazy by then.


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