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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

As it happens....

Since Red Clover noted this day of her son's birth, I thought that it would be appropriate to note my own daughter's birthday. As it happens, my little girl can now legally get behind the wheel of a car, if she so chooses. She is sweet sixteen today. It only seems like yesterday, that I held her little person in my hands. I still remember that day clearly. Potential parents should know this little fact: the first twenty four hours, a baby takes in everything around them. It's like this, a child will pay more close attention to you in the first day, then at any time that follows. Unfortunately, now that she's sixteen, she listens so much less, that one cherishes the first time you talked to them. My daughter gazed at me, and seemed to be listening very closely. I remember that I made all kinds of statements to her about her life in the future, some of which I even remember. Mostly I wept, because the thing that hits you hardest is worry. Worry about her first fall, her first bicycle ride, her first swing, her first boyfriend(damn his eyes!!!).
Now she will be getting behind the wheel of a car. I hope that she does well. I'll still worry. Happy Birthday, Nikita.


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