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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, June 10, 2004

2nd thoughts

I just published my last Blogg.. and sit here struggling within myself as to leave it or delete it. It's not at all a flattering image of myself. However, I think we all know that darkness resides within. The part of us that is bitterly pleased when our ex-loves get divorced, when the golden boy stumbles on stage, or that the prom queen, who used to torment you, now looks like a drag queen. So after much introspection and worry about how the prior Blogg will be received by the one that loves me, I've decided to leave it. Just because it isn't pretty doesn't make it untrue. And as we've discussed, a lie by omission .. is still a lie.

See, even I have fear, guilt, and the occasional compunction about what I post. :}


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