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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Moose skin and snow

Thursday James went on a field trip to visit a local First Nations People (Native Canadians). He took in sliced carrots to contribute to a stew they would be making for that community and the kids on this field trip.

When I picked him up from school and asked what he did, he replied "I don't know"

Grrr.. I reminded him, "How could you not know? You were there!"

Then he suddenly remembers something. "Oh yeah, my favorite part! I got to help skin a moose" (HUH?) He went on to tell me how hard it is. You have to pull the fur away from the meat while slicing and sawing through the fat and stuff.

Bleah! But hey, how many kids can say they skinned a moose while on a school field trip?

The next day Friday Sept 28, we went to buy him some long johns. On the way out of the store I stopped and gaped. It was snowing. Not just spitting down, but really snowing.

James has been having a blast playing in it. In some places it's more than a foot deep.

Les had a good laugh at my expense when I couldn't figure out why all the stores were selling what looked like small push brooms. Duh, they are snow brooms to clear off your car. Pfft, Like I would know that having lived in Florida or Georgia my whole life.

In other news we had two ladies come and visit us last night. They came not just to be neighborly, but specifically to hear James talk. One of them has family in Georgia and I guess it was a taste of home. We all three had a nice time talking with the two of them.

So, all in all, we're doing alright.


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