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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life In the NorthWest Territories.

Only here could this paragraph be totally OK .. not only that but.. be perfectly normal.

"Wake up honey.. It's 10 pm. James is in the shower. Your dinner's in the 'fridge. There are two lovely oak bar stools in the laundry. My curlers are in the sink.

Oh.. and the steamer is now an autoclave..."

My husband works nights. However, instead of sleeping this morning we all went fishing. (James and Les both caught fish. I was the official photographer)

We did laundry today. Our laundry room is where people in the building drop off stuff they no longer need or want. I saw two great bar stools. And a box of hair-dresser quality curlers (which I bleached) and a box of metal hair clips they use to hold curlers in place, separate hair or dying etc.. (that's the autoclave part)

It's 2nd hand heaven here.


  • Have you gone to the dump yet?

    By Anonymous Nikita, at 4:02 AM  

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