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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ok I'll post

Well, I'm in my new home in Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada.

We drove the whole way from Georgia. That went better than could have been hoped for.

First we stopped in Chicago to spend 2 days with friends we'd never had a chance to meet. You can read more about Chicago on Moon's blog I'm only going to add a few things.

My son, as usual, managed to add some drama to our time in Chicago. On our last night there all the adults were sitting outside on the steps talking when Moon's husband came to the door, called me and said, "I think you need to come in here."

Then I heard James, my 10 year old son, crying. I hurried into the house to see what was going on and found him with a puffy lip and a LARGE black speck stuck to it. It was about the size of a match head and was hanging on to his lip. For a moment I thought it was a tick.

I asked James to take a few deep breaths and tell me what had happened.

His reply, "An ant crawled up and bit me on my lip."

Huh?!? I know I'll lose super mommy points for admitting this, but the first thought I had was "I gotta get a picture of this!" I passed on the camera and went to James' aid though.

When the ant bit him he had reflexively yanked back on it and pulled the body off, but the ant head and jaws were still firmly attached to his lip. Anna, our host, was running around getting tweezers and antiseptic. James was calm, but crying as I explained I would have to grab the head and yank it off.

A few seconds later, I firmly pinched the head and with a surprisingly hard tug managed to remove it from his lip. There was a fairly large hole where the mandibles had been attached.

I told Les, my husband, later that night that I thought James had probably tried to kiss the ant, maybe on a dare. Les was astonished. "He wouldn't do that would he?"

My eye rolling response wasn't lost on him. The next day as we drove out of Chicago I questioned James about his "it crawled up and bit me" story. He admitted he'd been trying to kiss the ant.

Only my son... sigh


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