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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Times Fun when you're having flies

Or some such.

So how's the Great White North? Yellowknife is pretty nice. I'm going stir crazy without a job. Happy home maker of the year is not my style.

All things considered we are doing really well. James is making friends and having fun. He's only done serious bleeding once. Whoo Hoo. Considering how accident prone he is that's a miracle.

The first 3 weeks or so here were hard because it never really got dark. Now there is some night and I'm sleeping alot better. However the last week has been COLD.

To put this into perspective in Macon, Georgia where I lived until 2 months ago the temperatures today were Low: 74 High 105

Here in Yellowknife it was HIGH: 55 Low: 48. Damn that's November or December weather in Georgia. Even the cat is freaking out. She comes out on the balcony and POOF she's fluffed up like a pom-pom trying to stay warm.

However the bugs and mosquitoes are worse here than they were in Georgia. Hard to believe but very true. Hopefully they wont live much longer.

So all in all. Things are well. Even if they feel a little odd, and that will get better once James is in school and I can look for work.

Yes, I've been criminally lax about blogging. I'll do better, I promise!

Anna we did the camera, thank you. I'll try to give you and moon a call this weekend.



  • Hey Jennifer, Les, and James,
    I'm glad to see that you made it safely up to Canada. I know all about the days of never getting dark and also the days of never getting much sun. Iceland was just like that and we had to have blackout curtains on our windows so that we could get to sleep. I did enjoy watching the Northern Lights while walking around on the base in the wee hours of the morning. Send pictures of your new home if you would. I have a new e-mail besides the spazo1956@yahoo.com (it's the first thing I could think of when setting up my e-mail account). It new one is cddoyly56@windstream.com. Give James a hug and kiss (and you too) from his and your Aunt Cheryle. Keep in touch, cause I want to know all about your new homeland. Love Ya'll!!!

    By Anonymous Aunt Cheryle, at 6:21 PM  

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