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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Etiquette for Burgulars

While my husband and I were laying in bed this morning we heard noise coming from the hallway.

One glance at the clock showed it was 8:30. My son doesn't get up before noon. So, I casually mentioned to Les that either James was up or we were being robbed.

He looks at the clock and says, "I'll wait till he's done peeing before I clobber him with the golf club." Yes, of course, what was I thinking *smile*.

A few seconds later the bathroom noises stop and we hear, Clang, Crash, Crumple as my son staggered back down the hall, banging off the metal closet doors on each side like a billiard ball only to end up... on the couch asleep.

tomorrow, we go to the school to get him registered.


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