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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Week of Inconvient Trials


This past week has been peppered with unusual annoyances.

On Thursday, James, my 10 yr old son, showed me a small scaly circle on his leg.

Yep, Ringworm.

On Friday I found a fang on the side table in the living room. After a quick cat rodeo in the bedroom, we all three working together, managed to corner the cat so I could examine her. She lost her lower right fang. She'd lost the upper one quite some time ago.

James wanted the fang to put under his pillow. I quickly vetoed that.

Then... And Then.. Sunday

James had his first big, white, pimple. On his chin. My baby is growing up.

But wait... an hour after he'd been tucked into bed he came into the living room to announce that he found a worm in his butt.

Pin worms.... sigh.

What next?


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