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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Exes

Often I have strange dreams. Last night, in my dream, a line of women were outside my door. They were all new potential girl friends for my ex boyfriends. They wanted references!

God, I wish it was really like that. Interview a man's exes to find out why it didn't work before you get tangled up.

It was an interesting look back at my "long term" relationships, those lasting a year or more.

Ken aka James' dad: I couldn't tell this woman much, except the fact that I've not heard from him in 8 years. "What no child support? He doesn't call his son? No interaction at all?!?" she asked. My hysterical laughter said it all.

Mark: A good man. He cared about me and my son. He left me to be back in his daughters life. Nothing bad I could really say about Mark. Responsible, mature, volunteer fire fighter *rowr* GREAT butt. Snap him up honey!!

Psycho man: UGH!! RUN RUN RUN. I broke up with him. He called nonstop, came by non stop. I moved, changed my phone number, online ID, and car all in 3 wks. 2 years later he was still calling my mothers house looking for me. My brother finally told him I was killed in a car crash.

Barry: Funny, sincere, but have you met his kids? I honestly believed there was no such thing as a bad child, just bad parenting. My opinion was changed in that year. The best thing about Barry was his mom. I miss mom. Also a bit too clingy for me. When I ask you to go to the store for shampoo, it really isn't necessary for you to call me 3 times while your gone.

Michael: He is good... for someone else. He liked my kid, that was a big plus in his favor. He spit (often) and had breath that would knock a buzzard off a shit wagon. The major factors in our break up were problems that I discussed with him more times than I care to admit. He either wasn't listening or didn't care. Bye-Bye.

For the most part, the men in my past have been good men. They just weren't the men for me.


  • LMAO!! Hilarious post!! Yeah, I could definetly give some girls an earful! Too bad it doesn't work on the reference system...could've saved me some trouble too.

    By Blogger fairygirl701, at 8:03 PM  

  • LOL @ Mark's decription! Nasty! Hasta la vista Mark!

    By Blogger some girl, at 11:43 PM  

  • An Ex Check. That sounds good. But then you would need an Ex check on his Ex because some of them are psycho too!!

    That most have been good is a cool thing.

    By Blogger Justice, at 3:19 PM  

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