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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, November 12, 2004

Pets, people. and poop

Before my doc appt I stopped in to see my cousin, Chris. He manages the local pet store at the mall. While we were chatting two employees quit. One called and said they’d work out the week, but then they are starting a full time job. The other, just quit.

Chris is/was already short handed before that, due to the undependability of some of the employees. He started lamenting his one single day off a week… Sunday… and the fact he’d now have to work it. He commented it was a good thing I’d never been suckered into this line of work (pet store) or he’d have me working for him before the weekend was out. I admitted I’d thought about it from time to time.

You know it’s a wonderful thing to be able to watch the dawn of hope bloom in a fellow human’s eyes. It was quite interesting to watch it in Chris’. He quickly became serious, saying that he really would hire me, even if I would only consent to working Sundays.

I told him I’d think about it. I went home and talked it over w/ my beau, Les. I talked it over with my babysitter. I mulled it and decided I would take the 2nd job. I called Chris to let him know and made tentative arrangements for me to start next weekend. Three to nine on Saturday, noon to six on Sunday will most likely be my schedule for the time being. I only promised I’d work till after Christmas, we’ll see what is happening then.

The money will really REALLY help, and I’ll be helping out Chris, what could be better? (The prior statement excludes the memory of two work free weekend days a week to do with as I wished…. Shhhh, I’m trying to kid myself here!)

So, my next 6 (or so) weekends will be filled with pets, people, and poop.


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