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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Would you trade your self respect for cash?

One of my co-workers is a 29 yr old woman. She is a larger woman and looks a younger than her age. On 3 occasions, she’s come to work and told us of an “old man” she met. From what info I’ve gathered “old” means over 50 and comfortably well off in the money department.

She has told us of times they’ve bought her things, putt gas in the car, given her gifts, etc. One of the girls I work with asked if she had sex with there men. Her response, “Usually old men don’t want sex. They just want to touch on you. Every now and then, he might want more.”

I’m a single mom, I struggle to pay the bills every month, I’d probably projective vomit if I ever gave serious thought to letting an “old” man touch on me for money/gifts. GAK.

I just don’t understand that kind of woman. Hell, I have a hard time accepting a helping hand from my beau... and I LOVE him!


  • I have to agree with that Gak...I'm a single mom of 3, but that isn't an option for me either. My stomach turns at the thought.. Excuse me gtg. "Old" man.. Whole body cringes....

    By Blogger Love, at 12:05 AM  

  • I've just got to say that, that borders on prostitution. Actually, I do believe it is. However she should just receive cash for her services, at least that's more honest.

    I have no issue with prostitution at all. I believe that it's a valuable service. When done properly and in a professional manner, those that seek out a professional and those that provide those services are well suited to carry out thier chosen business. It's not something I would do for myself nor would I want the man in my life visiting one (I do believe that I give him what he needs so that's not an issue).

    But let's be realistic and honest here, I've known of a few professional women. At least they take it seriously, they use protection and everyone involved knows what the game is. This girl that you talk of, it sounds like she's just playing these men for fools. That's the tragic part. At least a professional woman won't insult the men that she services in such a crude fashion. Think about it, if she were, she'd be out of business fairly quickly.

    I dunno, I guess I'm rambling but I think that you should call a spade a spade and ask her when she is going to start taking cash.

    (been couped up in a car for the last 4 hours arguing with "him", I'm a bit cornfuzzled right now, sowwy)

    By Blogger Shannon, at 9:45 PM  

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