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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Slimy Sunday

After doing my normal mommy duties and cleaning house today I went to see my brother. (who still has not gotten his truck fixed.. but anyway)

We went to pick a few things up for him, and joy rode for awhile. Once we got back to his place we decided to clean out the pond. Eww.. The pump has been broken for quite some time and the water was BLACK. The only thing living in it was frogs.

Ok pump fixed.. ready set go. We start the pump and get the water directed out of the pond. Ack! The stench was almost unbearable. It was that true decaying bog smell. While trying to get the water out, he managed to drench me with the outflow from the pump. Thanks John!

When I got back from changing he was using the net to scrape dead leaves and snails from the bottom. Gerk.. ugh more smell. He was cussing and grimacing. I was snickering and watching from a good distance away. Being the good, loving sister I am, I did get the brush and start scrubbing the walls of the pond down.

All in all, it was a good afternoons work. We got the pond about 3/4 cleaned when I had to head back home.

Mom called.. oh joy! It was more normal mom crap. I just let it wash over and off me. Saying, I don't know what to tell you and uh huh is really all that was expected of me (thankfully).

So not much to tell. Which is something of a relief, to be honest. Hope your day was exactly what you wanted, slow and lazy, or busy and productive. >:D<


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