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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, August 05, 2004

My own contentions

I have to share my loves concerns about seeing her for the first time. There ARE many things that worry me, not the least of which is the timing. There will be a short time between the end of my term here at college, and the beginning of whatever job I happen to procure. Also, location, location, location. Where is she going to be going?

As I sit here, preparing breakfast, and looking forward to my classes and the intense, but tedious tinkering with a computer trainer, I muse. We both have self-esteem issues, and worry that the wonderful relationship we currently enjoy will undergo a dramatic change, once we lay eyes on each other. Yes, this is ridiculous, but we worry, nevertheless. But mostly, we both worry that the visit will be problematic. I will be between residences, and between jobs. My family is chiefly worried that this relationship will negatively impact my schooling. Again, ridiculous. So far, I am a virtual honours student, and devote a lot of time to keeping it that way. She understands, and encourages it when I ring off early to devote time to my studies. There are so many factors, true. She lists those challenges in her usual methodical way.

However, as we always say, no difficulties are too great if the heart is pure, right. My dear, don't worry too much. It WILL come together. Naturally, those that read these reports will be updated as this progresses.


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