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Letters to Nowhere

Monday, August 09, 2004

I've missed pain

My son and I went out caching yesterday. In total we walked 3 miles. And I pushed him "as fast as you can momma" on that merry go round for another 20 mins. I'm actually liking the odd aches and pains I have as a result. I feel pretty good.

Of course the pain does remind me that we've not been getting enough exercise... something I enjoy .. no really.. I do!

My legs and feet are fine.. I have no problem walking, what some would see as, obscene distances at a fairly good pace. When I cache by myself a good 12 - 16 miles of hiking over two days is not unheard of. Mostly on unsure footing, woods, and the like. Heck, I've bushwhacked 3 miles one way, busting my own trail through undergrowth on deer trails, to be the first to find a new hidden box of trinkets.

My back.. now my back muscles have been protesting the twisting and pulling the merry go round required. Which of course prompted me to punish them more lol... So I logged a good 15 mins in on the row machine today.

It's been since before I broke my ankle that I've done that much sweating.. or felt so good about it. I really enjoy that greasy sweaty feeling that says I'm doing something good for me. Just because I want too.. not just because I need to.

Now 15 mins on the row machine might not sound like much.. but as my mom pointed out in her usual tactless way, I'm getting fat again. I've gain 15 lbs since I broke my ankle and had to stop caching. So I'm going to have to work my way up again. But gods it felt good!

So week days I'll be rowing.. weekends I hope to be caching.. though that's going to be a challenge, I've found most of the ones within 25 miles of me. Still, I love the hiking, the hidden parks I didn't know about, the old log cabins in the middle of nowhere, the overlooks, the lakes, the rivers.. so you see it's not all about trinkets in boxes.


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