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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Be Fri and St Ends

I heard from my bestest ever friend today. After many months of us not talking to each other we talked for about 30 mins before I had to go to "Open House" at my son's school.

This is a woman I've known since... gee let me think.... I was 12 yrs old. Both of us fat kids, intelligent, and just happen to live at the same apartments and swimming in the same pool one day. From there a life long friendship was born.

When we were 14 or 15 she moved to Hawaii, we still kept in touch. Years went by that we didn't see each other but we still talked at least once a month. When I was 17 I drove 8 hrs (after a long night partying and against my father's wishes) one January 1st to spend 2 days with here in North Carolina where her great grandmother lives. We saw Pelican Brief, in the theater that weekend.

We had a great time. Years pass, the next time I saw her.. she had flown from one corner of the country to another (from Oregon to Georgia) to be with me for the birth of my son. She was in the delivery room with me when he graced me with his presence..

It's now been 7 years and 7 months since I've seen her, but she's never been far from my thoughts either. No matter where we've gone or how different our life paths have become.. we always find each other. No matter how many times we've moved, we've always gotten back in touch. And we always pick up right where we left off. I love her, always will. THAT is what friends are all about.

I've been blessed.


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