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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Chicken and Rice

My mother is/was in town this weekend and I got a call from her yesterday to bring some rice so she could make chicken and rice for dinner. Having not seen her in quite some time, I headed over with my son.

All and all, the evening went well. Rick, my mother's husband, and my brother were drinking beer, mom had wild turkey, I had coffee. So it made for an interesting night lol. We played cards, watched a few movies, had a few tense moments that I smoothed over, you know, the usual family stuff. I came home with lots of odds and ends that I found over at mom's. I of course would make the announcement.. this is coming home with me.. mom would look at it and say OK. Going to mom's is something like going to a garage sale or thrift store.

I tried using voice chat at mom's house.. man is her mic sensitive. My brother says he has to wrap it in a towel before he can use it lol.

About 11:30 the men made another beer run and mom and I, sitting out on the deck, talked about things that have been needed to be said for a long time. She's not a bad woman. She's just indecisive and too easily swayed but others. I love my family. But sometimes it's hard to like them. Odd huh?


  • not odd in the least baby ;)

    I've been having dreams of punching out my aunt that I haven't seen in a few years... LMFAO

    we all think our families are odd, or strange, or dysfunctional...

    I look at as if I didn't have the experiences I did growing up in my family...I wouldn't be such a fun person...and hell I would have never been ready to meet some of the people I have ;)

    By Blogger Rae, at 5:33 PM  

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