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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, July 16, 2004

Odd Talk

Tid bits of conversation I over heard today:
(From the chick in the bathroom stall next me on her cellphone)
The doctor said it wasn't that contagious.  No really, a few pills and it'll be gone.... I don't know why your so panicking so much... hello....hello...
(A coworker trying to explain to a dealership that just because you buy a new car doesn't mean you have a new insurance policy)
Well, sir.. It's like this.  I've lived in my apartment for 3 years.  I just got a new sofa last week.  It doesn't make it a new apartment!    *I must admit they stole this from me lol  I've said it to many many people*
(While I was walking past a trio of people at lunch)
I'd die before I went to the hospital and told a doctor I had a (unintelligible) stuck up my ass.  *Hell I dropped my money in a ploy to try to buy time and figure out what the hell they were talking about.. no go.. you figure it out lol*
(heard a claims rep say to a customer)
No sir, if your mad at your ex and run over her dog, flowerbed, and mailbox on purpose.. as you've told me you did.. we won't cover damages to your car.  Please refer to the portion of your contract that says "intentional damage"
And you thought working in insurance was boring! lol


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