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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

HTML hell

Damn.. trying to get the Blogroll feature to work so I can link to my friends' site took for-fucking-ever!

Zepp, I don't know if you read this or not.. but you were a life saver lol. I pulled up your blogg analyzed the source code and figured out where I'd been going wrong for the last hour or two. Thank you!

So those of you that do read my blogg if you would (or would not) like me to put a link to your page let me know. I'll wait a few days for the "no's" to filter in and then start adding folks. LOL Silence gives consent, right?

Now that the fiasco is over.. whew!

I did go by my mothers today for a few minutes after work. She was fairly normal (for her) we talked for a few. She invited me to stay for a drink.. I told her I had to go. The more things change the more they stay the same. Oh well..


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