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Letters to Nowhere

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Whats a little blood between friends

Well, today was the blood drive at work.  We have one every few months.  Red Cross comes and milks our 3000 employees dry. 
My nemesis at work volunteered to give blood today.  The following conversation caused me no end of secret pleasure!
Me:  Now L you know they aren't going to let you give blood!
Her: Why not?
Me:  Well when they ask if you've had unprotected sex with more than 8 people and you reply "This week?"  They are going to turn you down.
Her:  Open mouthed stare while the rest of our group laughed their asses off.
She went to donate blood and came back up looking kinda embarrassed about 20 minutes later.  One of the other ladies asked her why she was back so soon. 
Her:  Well they pulled me up in the computer and said I couldn't give.. I needed to call this 800#
Me: Snickering quietly
Male Coworker:  L has a STD, L has a STD (chanting in the tune of Mary had a little lamb)
Me: more snickering..
Her:  Shut up!  I called the number and they said my last donation was backed up in the lab, they hadn't tested it yet so I couldn't give.  Besides my iron was low!
Male Coworker:  Uh huh.. L has a STD .. (mental note buy him lunch tomorrow)
After this I had to use the restroom so I'm sitting there on my butt gasket (offical name Toilet Seat Cover) and I happen to look over at the little trashcan that is in my stall.  Some wit had stuck their "I gave blood today" sticker on the door.  That combined with the above conversation had me stifling giggles in my palm. 
You know people worry if you laugh hysterically in the bathroom stall of an insurance company!


  • Just found out you had linked to my blog, so I stopped on in for a visit, and enjoyed this post immensely.

    I was once turned down for blood-giving for low iron.


    That's what it was!

    I was actually told by the Blood Lady to "go home, eat a big steak, and guzzle orange juice" before attempting to give blood again.

    By Blogger jen, at 11:58 AM  

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