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Letters to Nowhere

Sunday, June 06, 2004

My take on Bloggs

I've read bloggs off and on for a long time. Up until very recently I've only read the blogg of one person I "knew" and I use that world loosely because he and I haven't ever been really close. Now I read a blogg by a female friend.. and most recently the one of my beau.

There is something very voyeuristic about reading bloggs I've found over the years. This is even more true reading the bloggs of the 2 people above.

She is going through alot. Some of the same things I agonized over in the past I see her dealing with now. All I can say is Have faith. It does get easier, I promise. Maybe not today or tomorrow... but one day you WILL be able to wake up and say, "I'm ok, I'm really ok" And I hope you know I'm here if ya need someone to listen to the screaming every now and then. I promise it won't scare me off. (oh and to the people that say your bloggs are too long.. screw em *kiss*)

As for my darlin's blogg. Well, thats interesting. We had talked about my reading Zepps blogg one night. He thought it was a strange concept to publish the inner ramblings and said he didn't think he could ever do that. I mulled it over a bit as I was writing the first "letter to nowhere" entry on a legal pad at work the next day. I remember my journals and diaries of the past and wish I had more of them to look back on. So this site was born. Now he has taken the leap into the often unknown territory of blogging.

Ok more later. I gotta get busy again. Grrr I'm really not a happy homemaker kinda woman you know!


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