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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Dear dad,

You'd like him. You'd approve. Hell, you'd be thrilled. He's a good man. He has his flaws, I do too as you well know. I hope... I hope...

I love you. You've always been there. I just wish I could talk to you about him. I'm wanting to go, really thinking about making the leap in the future, to leave and give a shot at being happy. How can I not be here for/with you? Yet... you'd really like him, except for the distance.. Oh well, there is plenty of time to come to the hard decisions. You've always said you just wanted me to be happy. Oh boy could this be a test of that statement LOL. And no matter where I am... I'll always be standing next to you in my heart and mind.

I Love you,


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