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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A change in the Bloggs

OMG!!! I went to the store as a favor to a friend tonight. While I was there I saw this... this .. woman.. reflected in the frozen food section glass.. She was everything I wanted to be. I stopped to stare.. This woman was me!!

She was beautiful, sexy, vivacious, impervious to derision or public opinion, strong willed, self confident. In short, she was a Goddess!

When do we, as women/girls, learn that it is OK to make ourselves feel like shit? I saw myself reflected in that glass tonight the way I've never seen myself in a mirror.. probably because I wasn't looking for my flaws. I saw myself as I really am .. on accident. And do you know what I learned tonight. I AM WORTHY!!! I am a prize to the right man.

I am nowhere near perfect. I'll never be a super model as a friend of mine points out.. wink wink.. I still love you *kiss kiss*. But, I wouldn't trade who I am to be Cindy Crawford.. because I am me... often imitated.. never duplicated.. the original, one and only RED!

Ok.. now that I've moved that (see above, it used to be last)to the top..

I was reading a friends Blogg tonight and decided to make this my personal space. Yes the "Letters to Nowhere" will still show up I'm sure, but I want a place to just be me. With out worry of what friends and family will think. A place to Rave and Rant when needed. And considering only two people I know have this link.. well.. hell you want to know me right? This Im sure will be the good, bad, and the ugly from time to time... On with the show!!!!

Where was I.. oh yes.. while reading my friends Blogg I saw a question that I had to answer....

Do you know what it's like to live two lives?

what it's like to be two different people yet be in the same body... to have two different sets of feelings... to have the want to be in two places at once...

Oh yes, I do. There is a part of me that misses my carefree days before my son. Before I had to be a "responsible adult". And then I was reminded of how much I love my current life.

I got a call tonight from a "friend". While talking to him I realized that even though he is several years older than me he's still caught up in this fantasy image of women.. me particularly. And it wasn't a pretty image. He remembers the days gone by.. the ones I'm not willing to live again and seems to have missed the fact that I've moved far far beyond all of that.

Now, while I was being disillusioned by a "friend" I had another waiting for me. A great man. One that seems to accept me for the flawed individual I am. A man that is honest, fun, accepting, and willing to overlook my past sins, that can accept the fact that I do cry.. shhh don't tell anyone, I believe I've somewhat hurt him in the recent past.. but he overlooks it. In short a real friend. One that seems to mean more and more as the days go by..

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Neener Neener I got the same as you! Is that a surprise I doubt it! (now if only you'd read this :) )


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