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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's not my fault

I get up in the morning, and, when I can remember, I check this site to see if there is anything I must respond to. Usually, the original owner of this blog is uniformly succinct, and doesn't often say anything that is provocative. That is, if it is, I usually address it to her when I get her alone(metaphorically).

I just wanted to add that my earliest memory is playing in a kids pedal car in the hospital when I was three. I was having my tonsils out. I told her that I couldn't really remember my best memory, but I do remember the time that I flew a kite when I was eleven or so. Just about couldn't get it down from the sky; it was so high. Had to solicit the help of three other kids to retrieve it.

Anyways, it's too early for me to be even remotely as eloquent as my love. I'd like to repeat my request to you out there to please send your earliest or favourite memory.

Be well.


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