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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Not too much of note happened today. And, that is a good thing considering how much seems to have been going on lately in my life. My son gave me a good moment of anxiety tonight.

He was over at my land lord's house. (They are like family. Hell, they take him with them to vacation in Florida for a week every year. He goes to all the family outings etc w/ them. He's another grandkid for them.)

While he was rooting around in Harold's junk drawer he found a pair of handcuffs they got from one of their family members. The family member was sheriff here some time ago. Anyway, my son manages to cuff himself. Then when he goes to ask Harold to let him out, they don't have a key.

He comes running over here so I can fix it, because I'm SUPERMOM, in his mind anyway. I can do anything. Well, after trying to grease him up and slide out didn't work, I tried to pick the lock w/ no success. I was really starting to worry we'd have to go to the sheriff's office to get them off. Of course, I'd be trying to explain the whole time that they were NOT mine.. which no one would believe I'm sure. My son is freaking. He's afraid if we go to the sheriff's office with him in handcuffs they are "gonna think I'm a bank robber and put me in jail". I explain that they wouldn't put him in jail, since he hasn't broken any big laws. (He has this fascination with bank robbers right now, I don't know why.)

After a more careful examination of the cuffs I realized I could probably just take the pin out of the hinge. So, out comes the toolbox. Awl? Check! Hammer? Check! One hysterical kid? Check! Well, I have everything I need it seems. After explaining to him what I'm going to do and assuring him I will NOT hit his hand we are ready to go. It took about 10 mins to free him. (start theme music) SUPERMOM SUCCEEDS AGAIN OVER IMPOSSIBLE ODDS! (end theme music)

It's great that my son is still at the age where I know everything, can make any hurt feel better, my hugs and kisses can cure fevers, and he still wants to cuddle up, tickle, wrestle and chase each other around and around the house. God, I love being a mom.. 'specially super mom. LOL


  • Being super mom is fun... so is being Know-It-All mom... Gambit is at the age where mom can answer any question no matter how strange it is...LOL

    By Blogger Rae, at 2:38 PM  

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