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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Quizz Ho

Damn you Rae.. I was supposed to get stuff done today.. but NOOOOO you had to show me quizzes.

biblical You Are a Biblical Shoutout!
What Sex Sound Are *You*?
shhhh.. no one was supposed to know.

Your soul is OPEN-MINDED.
Although you do havestrong opinions and make decisions, you nevermake them without thinking first of not only everything that is, but those that may not be as well. People trust that you'll willingly hear them out and understand when they tell you something, and you are well-liked for it. You are often the mediator in disputes and your desire to do what is right overcomes all else. You are an understanding and admirable soul.

What Is Your Soul's Trait?

The Shrink is IN! Next!


Your Sex Sign is Cancer!

You're a total pleaser.
One sample of your touch, and anyone is hooked.
You're so good that you've gotten people off just with your incredible kissing.
You're a bit of a romantic, and you only have sex that's meaningful.

Cancer, you are a born pleaser.
Few people can resist your passionate, playful allure.
An incurable romantic, you adore being courted.
You'll do anything for a lover that sends you flowers or love tokens.

You like lots of cuddling, touching, and kissing.
You are a celebrated kisser.
You also like to touch and fondle yourself.
Typically, you learned to give yourself pleasure at a very young age.
As an adult, you are easily aroused and multi-orgasmic.
Mutual masturbation is very satisfying for you.

You are extremely aware of your sexual attraction.
You telegraph your sensuality with every move you make.
You have the most communicative body language of any sign.

You are very emotional, and you constantly need an emotional outlet.

Frequent sex seems to calm you down.
But you are old fashioned, and a quickie is not your style.
You prefer long, slow seductions, erotic masasages, and lots of oral sex.

What's Your Sex Sign?? 

Curves Ahead 

Your Sign Is: Curves Ahead
You've got a lot of sex appeal, but you don't overplay it.
You know you're hot. And you don't have to prove it to anyone else.
Instead of being the center of attention, you tend to lure your crush away from the crowd.
It's hard work to get with you - but you are worth the effort.

What's Your Street Sign?


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