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Letters to Nowhere

Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Today's program has been brought to you by the letter M.
Anyone singing Barbara Streisand will be shot.. BTW. Too Damn early for that lol

Have you ever sat back and thought about the fact that at some point the grunts working in the basement of your brain had to decide which memory to keep and which one to purge? I can practically see them down there... "OK, for todays selection.. Here we have the names of our old school teachers. The other choice for disposal is this... Cockroach trivia.. So, get your votes ready.. which stays and which goes?... The votes are in guys.. Cockroach trivia STAYS.. say goodbye to your old teachers.. *flush*"

This of course was brought to my attention by a discussion I had with.. who?.. say it with me.. come on.. I know you know... Les! Yay, you got it right. You are hereby entitled to one "get off of the shitlist" free card. (yeah I'm in a bit of a mood this morning LOL) Anyway, where the hell was this going.. I've forgotten lol

Oh yes.. memories. We started talking about the things that we remember and the things that have been forgotten as we've gotten older. I have lots of odd memories of my childhood. Most of them are weird little fragments that I didn't think were all that special at the time.

I often wonder what my son will be able to remember of his youth when he gets into his 30's 40's 50's. What will be the odd little thing that he and I do that will stick with him after he's forgotten about the time we didn't have power, or that he didn't get the new game he wanted? I know for me I don't remember that kinda stuff.

My earliest memories:

I was 2 if not younger. I was wearing a diaper that I do know. I had climbed up the back of the couch and was standing in the window sill looking out the window at traffic. (Something I've confirmed with dad I loved to do) The curtain was closed behind me and I was being quiet. All of the sudden my dad rips the curtain back and starts tickling me....

I remember my 3rd birthday cake. It was yellow cake with chocolate icing and the candle was shaped like the number 3.

My best childhood memory:

I was about 6 maybe 7. A little background... I'm from Jacksonville Florida, there is this little park in the "Riverside" section of town. Boone Park.. gods, I loved it as a kid. They had all the usual slides, swings, and stuff but they also had these large concrete animals for some of the letters.. There was a huge camel for the letter "C", a turtle for the letter "T" etc. And in one area they had this semi circle of a concrete wall about 5 feet tall that had cut outs in it and was supposed to look like swiss cheese. Whenever they raked they would put the pine straw (pine needles) in the middle of the semi circle. Dad and I had many a pine straw fight in there. Great stuff.. but anyway.

One day dad took me to the park, he'd been promising he would take me that day. We got there and the place was PACKED!! So many kids that I couldn't even slide, swing or anything. I was pretty upset. My dad (did I ever tell you he was a great dad lol) packed us back in the truck and we went home. We went to sleep that afternoon and got back up about 1 AM. We went back to the park, we had it to ourselves.. and we played, we played till the sun came up. Swinging with dad pushing me.. pushing me so high he was able to run up under me while I was swinging.. chasing each other with the pine straw... trying to see-saw with him (didn't work well lol)...

Yes, that is probably my best childhood memory. It seems to sum up all the things dad sacrificed for me.. the fact he never lied to me.. and always kept his promises if at all humanly possible.

So.. it's show and tell time kids! What is your best/earliest memory? Really.. I wanna know!!


  • I was about four years old when we moved into the house my mom still lives in...my mom would lay on her back put me on the bottoms of her feet and we would play airplane on the couch and as I went flying up I would look out the windows that were right behind the couch... thats the earliest happy memory :D

    By Blogger Rae, at 2:08 AM  

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