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Letters to Nowhere

Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's electrifying # 2

I think something may be out to get me. LOL Water and/or electricity. I've had nothing but trouble with both of them for the last 2 wks. Last night, I was talking to a friend when I heard this noise. It sounded like my cat was peeing on the floor. I turned around and my 35 gallon hex fish tank had sprung a leak. Oh shit!!! I have this pretty arc of water pouring out onto the floor. I ran to my son's room dumped out one of the 25 gallon storage bins he uses as a toy box. Put it under the leak and start siphoning out the water to prevent the pressure loss from causing the tank to shatter.

Once I'd gotten all but the last 4 or 5 inches of water out I lugged the bucket to the sliding glass door to dump it out. It was way too heavy for me to lift. (Did you know water weighs 8 pounds per gallon?) As I was tilting the bucket and water started to pour out the door (and on my hand I was using to steady the front of the bucket) the heat lamp from the lizard's cage fell into the bucket.. the lamp that was plugged in and turned on. I had an electrifying night to say the least. I think thats the first time I've screamed like a little girl since I was a little girl LOL. I'm just proud I didn't wet myself. LOL

No real damage thankfully. The lamp is dead.. I'll have to replace it.. I'll have to repair the fish tank.. And I was fine. Though I did have a good case of the shakes/muscle spasms for the next hour or so.

On a more positive note, while my son and I were out yesterday we saw a double rainbow! He was stunned in that way that only young kids can be. Jaw hanging open, looked like he was trying to catch flies lol. We talked about what might be at the end of a rainbow. He still favors the pot of gold theory. (BTW Les, he wants to tell you about it.. so mums the word)

I just got back from dropping him off at the church. They are going to Wild Adventures. It's a combination of a zoo and amusement park. He will get back about 8:30 or 9 pm tonight. I hope they keep the sunscreen on him. It's a small group of 10 kids 4 adults so I'm sure it will be fine.

I never did get to sleep last night. I was bored but not tired after I got finished chatting w/ Les and then the room. Started fooling around w/ some of my electronic stuff (tempting fate I'm sure). As I was downloading pix of my son off my digital camera, it occurred to me I'd never used the delay feature. So, I ended up taking a picture of myself to see how it worked. Wow, even at 5 AM I'm a pretty good looking chick LOL. I ended up taking 45 pix to get 12 I liked. It's hard when you can't see what you look like, are you in the frame, etc. Anyway, one of them is below.

After my picture taking experiment, I browsed E-Bay for Black Amethyst glass. Oh, and Les if you check Ebay.com instead of Ebay Canada there is beau coup BA glass. I enjoyed a good hour browsing and wishing lol. Most of it is fairly affordable. I was somewhat surprised at just how affordable some pieces were. I saw a bud vase identical to one that I own sell for $45. The small fluted plate I own went for $6. Funny how the price can be so different. Supply and demand.

Oh well, I think I've rambled long enough. It's now 8:15 am. I'm going to go make myself some grits and (Rae close your eyes) bacon. Love y'all. >:D<


  • EGAD!!! you said Bacon... *turning green*

    By Blogger Rae, at 2:57 PM  

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