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Letters to Nowhere

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Permission Granted

My son was looking at pictures taken while I was in Florida with my husband. James was being baby-sat by my brother and his wife.

Him: Mom, why couldn't I go with you?

Me: Well, it was "Adult Night"

He asked why he couldn't have gone anyway. I explained it was a time for my dad and stepmother to get to know my husband and for us to spend time together without having to worry if he was having fun or ok.

He thought that over and asked why I don't have "Adult Night" more often. I was silent as I pondered how to explain the somewhat reduced freedom I have now that I'm "mom".

Me: In life you often have to choose what's more important. For me it's more important to spend time with you and be a good mom than to go out a lot.

He thought that over while he stood next to me. He then placed a hand on my shoulder and said, in a decidedly parent-granting-permission-tone

Him: I think it would be alright for you to have an Adult Night everynow and then. Just not too often ok?

He then squeezed my shoulder and smiled down at me. Ugh! Curse me for sitting while he was standing AND asking his patented brain-busting questions.

At moments like these I can't help but think my father feels an unexplained rush of pure glee.


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