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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, November 10, 2006

The most elusive Starbucks

The last few times I’ve driven to and from Jacksonville Florida (via I-75S) I’ve looked for The Starbucks. It has assumed proper noun status in my mind due to its difficulty to find.

At least twice my cousin was with me as we searched for it. We’d see the billboard, note the exit number, and then .. and then.. Find nothing.

I was telling Les about this obscure location. I told him about my, now almost obsessive, desire to locate it, and my theory that it was only present in this dimension when moon beams fell on the spot while the wind blew from the north, and 3 yuppies had a vague desire for a “decaf soy frapi-capi-iced-froo-froo that only has one coffee bean in the whole cup” cup of flavored $6 water.

It’s unfair to make me stand in line behind people that spend 10 minutes just ASKING for the cup of stuff they want; I just want coffee. Coffee flavored Coffee. A bit of Cream and COFFEE, that’s all. I NEED coffee it is not a recreation or status symbol. It’s a medical need, really it is!

Les listened to my tirade and then he launched into an animated and jaunty spiel in a very Crocodile-hunter-ish way.

“We are on the trail of the most elusive Starbucks in the WORLD. Legend says it is located in this VERY area, but there has been NO confirmation by previous hunters.

Crickey! I see signs of it! (A billboard) We are surely closing in on the object of our hunt. Exit 16 and then TURN LEFT. Others before us have followed these signs and left dejected. SHALL we SUCCEED?”

All during this little off and on monologue I was laughing. James was mostly asleep in the backseat. We woke him up with our “weirdness”.

We exited the interstate and easily found the Starbucks. Clearly the moonbeams were properly aligned.

Woo-Hoo After ordering 2 large coffees and a few pieces of coffee cake we were back on the road. Ah... Coffee.


  • *chuckles*
    was going to say if you didn't actually find one... if you exit on I believe 18 and make a left it's right over the overpass on the left...

    By Blogger Rae, at 10:51 AM  

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