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Letters to Nowhere

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wedding Story Part 1

Ok Ok .. I’ll finally get around to it. Shesh…

I picked him up from the airport (after a very nerve wracking drive) at 11 pm Sunday October 22. We made it back to the house near to 1 in the morning and crashed.

Monday the agenda included picking up our marriage license and getting suits for him and my son. I’d called over 6 weeks ago and verified we’d have no problems getting a license. They suggested we just come in 15 minutes before the wedding and pick it up. I thought it’d be a good idea to go ahead and pick it up the day before… Just in case….

Hmpf. They wouldn’t give us a license without the signature page of his divorce papers. When I’d called I’d specifically asked if he would need it and they said he wouldn’t since he’s been divorced more than 5 years.

We called his ex to see if she could fax it to us. We called the courthouse where the divorce was finalized. They couldn’t fax it to us; it had been sent to Victoria for storage since it was over 7 years old. Pam couldn’t find her copy.

ARRRGGGG We decided to call the judge the following morning, Tuesday… The day she was booked to marry us. Since neither of us could sleep we also did research on Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama marriage laws. Alabama would be able to marry us if the Judge couldn’t help.

With a “Plan B” hatched and thought out I was able to sleep… until about 4 or 5 in the morning at least. Then we waited.

The judge said, basically, “I can’t issue a license; if the clerk won’t do it there’s nothing I can do.”

We fumed, we fussed, we cursed under our breath… we called my mother and told her we’d be leaving for Alabama in one hour and if she wasn’t in the car she would be SOL.


I asked my fiancé if he wanted to change into our finery at mom’s. “And then drive for three hours in those clothes?” he asked.

Me: The alternative is changing in a gas station bathroom

Him: It’ll be ok. It’ll add COLOR!

Me: Welcome to my life

{Insert hysterical laughter by both of us}

Stress, thou are my master.

More to follow:


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